Bear, Dolphin, Wolf, Or Lion – Which of The 4 Animal Chronotypes are you? Chronotype Quiz

Bear Dolphin Wolf Or Lion Animal Chronotypes quiz

This chronotype quiz will help you find which animal you represent based on when you sleep, wake up, or when you’re most productive. Lion, bear, wolve, or dolphin, which one are you?

Are you familiar with phrases like “early bird” and “night owl?”

Well, this is one way to describe someone who can wake up early in the morning and be productive, while the latter describes someone who works better at night.

Each person works differently and hence falls into a certain category of chronotypes.

What Is A Chronotype?

A chronotype is a classification based on the ability to fall asleep or stay awake at a certain time. This also affects our personalities, attitudes, and our working style.

Recent studies suggests, there are more than two chronotypes. And in case you’re not familiar with it, this fun chronotype personality quiz will help to find your animal personality based on your working style.

The Sleep Chronotype Quiz: Discover Which Animal You Are

Here’s how to find your chronotype, play this fun quiz by clicking on the “START” option below!

Bear, Dolphin, Wolf, Or Lion – Which Animal Do You Represent? Chronotype Quiz
Bear Dolphin Wolf Or Lion Which of The 4 Animal Chronotypes are you

4 Sleep Chronotypes: What Is Your Chronotype?

Sleep Chronotype Quiz

1. Bear chronotype personality

One of the most common classifications as 50-55%  of the population falls into this category. This means that the sleep and wake cycle coexists with the solar cycle.

People relating to the bear chronotype are generally extroverts and can maintain energy throughout the day.

2. Lion chronotype personality

Those who prefer to rise early and unwind early in the evening, and sleep by 9 or 10 p.m., are the lion chronotype, and about 10-20% of the population falls under this category.

Those who relate to the lion generally are Type-A, born leaders, and have charismatic personalities.

3. Wolf chronotype personality

Wolf chronotypes are similar to night owls, and hit the snooze during the morning but feel energetic in the early afternoon or late evenings.

Those who identify as wolves are seen to be reserved or introverted and about 15-20% of the population consider themselves to fall under this category.

4. Dolphin chronotype personality

If you have trouble following any sleep schedule, then you’re one of the rare 10% of the population who falls under the dolphin chronotype.

You feel productive during the late morning and early afternoon and tend to take power naps to make yourself feel energized.

Due to your poor sleeping habits, you’re prone to feeling anxious and tend to ruminate about your successes and failures while laying in bed.

Note that this is a general idea of your sleep animal personality based on the choices you make, the results will vary from person to person.

So now that you have read all about the attributes and characteristics, which chronotype are you? Write in the comments below.

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    At last you got it right, Daisy! After quizzes of yours branding me an extrovert. I finally discover I am a Wolf!

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