Understanding Soul Contracts: Agreements We Made Before Coming To Earth


Understanding Soul Contracts Agreements Before Coming To Earth

Have you ever heard of soul contracts? They play a big part in determining how we shape up as a person while on this Earth.

Before our every incarnation on earth, we are given a choice. It is a choice to pick our life’s spiritual purpose; we are asked what lesson would we like to learn this time and the answer we give determines our life on earth. And the soul contracts are made based on our chosen lesson.

If we choose to learn patience, we will not be surrounded by monks and sages, but by siblings or relatives who will annoy us to death. If we want to learn love, we will see hatred, and if we wish to experience self-confidence, then frenemies will come and step on us. No matter what lesson we want to learn, we will be given the opposite…always!

What Are Soul Contracts?

Soul Contracts
Understanding Soul Contracts: Agreements We Made Before Coming To Earth

Soul contracts are formed on a simple principle. It is only in being hurt and left out in the cold, that we find valuable spiritual insights. We learn to care for others and ourselves and to be true to our inner values.

The journey of self-development is a deeply painful process that puts us through challenges. A rough diamond gains its shine by ruthless scrubbing and the same principle applies to us, for we, all of us, are diamonds in the rough, with potential for extreme spiritual growth and awareness.

Don’t confuse growth pain with the pain you get by being abused, neglected, and tortured. The Universe loves each one of us and it only subjects us to experiences that we have agreed to endure, before being born as a human.

Our aim was to learn lessons on high-value concepts, such as love, peace, compassion, and patience. And by denying us these very things, the Universe sets us on our path to discover these virtues the hard way; the only right way.

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So, the first step toward spiritual growth is pain and feeling out of balance. We are thrown into trying situations, and our adversities are as powerful as our wish to learn a particular spiritual lesson. We learn to cope with our troubles, we learn to deal with our pain, and we learn to connect with people who are in similar situations as us.

It is through this learning process that we grow and evolve as souls and ultimately return to our core center, to our authentic selves, with the tools that we needed to acquire along the way. The courage, effort, and perseverance you will put in to get yourself out of the storm and to a place of authentic happiness, peace, and calm is your lesson, your reward, and your purpose to come into this world.

Your experiences are not only the building blocks of your personality in this earthly body, but they are also the building blocks of your soul. Lessons you learn in this life will be carried by you across all incarnations and make you an enlightened, empowered, and empathic soul.

Soul Contracts
Understanding Soul Contracts: Agreements We Made Before Coming To Earth

Soul Contracts Relationships

There are different types of soul contracts. Understanding soul contracts will help you see how different relationships pan out the way they needed to be. This is why knowing about soul contracts and twin flames can teach us forgiveness and unconditional love.

What we need to remember here is that the people who hurt us, betray us, and inflict pain on us, are upholding their end of the Soul Contracts. They are either members of our soul family or beings with whom we have some unsettled Karma. Nonetheless, we are all part of a big divine plan, and whoever is showing us pain and hurt, is offering us an opportunity; a chance to learn and grow.

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The flip side, however, is the continuation of growth, that is, the continuation of pain, suffering, and hardships. The universe will not stop sending us lessons. Because it wants us to keep growing and so do we, on a soul level.

So the Universe rewards us for learning a lesson with a more difficult lesson. Each time we solve a problem, a bigger problem presents itself. It is the most frustrating and painful part of our journey, yet the most fulfilling and enriching one as well.

We of course go through spiritual amnesia when we are born so that we forget all about our past lives and the experiences of this life seem the most important to us.

Always remember that if we resist the lessons or the experiences, or try breaking soul contracts, we will only prolong our journey and keep coming back to fulfill our unfinished soul contracts.

Soul Contracts
Understanding Soul Contracts: Agreements We Made Before Coming To Earth

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If you want to know more about soul contracts, then check out this video below:

Soul Contracts

Soul Contracts
Soul Contracts
Understanding Soul Contracts pin
Soul Contracts
Understanding Soul Contracts pinex
Understanding Soul Contracts: Agreements We Made Before Coming To Earth
Understanding Soul Contracts Agreements Before Coming To Earth pin
Understanding Soul Contracts: Agreements We Made Before Coming To Earth

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