The Top 6 Nerdy Zodiac Signs


The Top 6 Nerdy Zodiac Signs

Do you consider yourself a nerd? Do you know which specific zodiac signs are considered to be the most nerdy zodiac signs among all?

Before we get into this, we should probably agree upon what the term ‘nerd’ means. As opposed to ‘geek’ — which means a person who is an enthusiast of a particular field or a subject, a ‘nerd’ is practically an intellectual.

Zodiac signs get their attributes from their ruling planets as well as their House placement on the natal chart.

However, there are lots of other things and conditions that affect one’s intellectual inclination. However, as a handy thumb rule, these are the signs whom you can trust to be nerds at heart. Some of these might openly flaunt it and some manage to keep themselves poised enough to not let it show. But nonetheless, they are nerdy and they all know it.


Here Are The 6 Nerdy Zodiac Signs

1. Gemini

No shocker, right? Bet you knew this was gonna be here the minute you saw the title. By nature, Geminis are driven by curiosity. As the baby of the air signs, Gemini is mostly self-centered with its quest for knowledge. They are also unabashedly unapologetic and completely open about it.

It is not surprising to find your Gemini engrossed in something they are passionate about in their spare time. It is also not unheard of that if you happen to ask a simple question about it and the Gemini will probably end up giving you a beginner’s course in that subject.

They will also be easily distracted or they will good ‘ol ditch you if it means getting the insider’s know-how about something they do not know already.

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2. Aries

Because how can they not be? These are the infamous binge-watchers. The ones who have an in-depth knowledge of all things fandom. These are also the ones who will use this knowledge to lord it over their fellow nerds and use this opportunity to talk to their heart’s content.

As the first fire sign and the first of the zodiac, their nerdiness, like the Gemini’s, is self-centered too. An Aries loves being the light of the crowd and their inner nerd helps them reach there one way or the other, and while they are at it, eliciting a few laughs or just plain awe from you, they will even teach you a thing or two without you even knowing.


3. Libra

Libra is the second of the air signs and is said to be the we-centric of the air-trio. A Libra is one of those who will probably deny your observations about them one way or the other, but take it from us, they are nerds alright. However, their nerdy inclinations are masked perfectly with their flawless sense of self-conductance and fashion.

These are the ones that make being a nerd cool. They also don’t care what anyone thinks when it comes to their clothes — and that is probably how you spot their nerdgasm… even though they will die denying it.


4. Cancer

We all know one or two of these — they are the ones who take nerdiness to that next level. These are the kind of nerds who will go all out to prove their love and knowledge but will also do it in that cutesy way of theirs where no one can flaw them.

These are the kids who had the elaborate space-themed birthday parties when we were young, and the people who have a strict dress code for their Halloween parties (or any other parties, really) and who had UFO-shaped pancakes back then, replaced by a Storm Trooper toaster now.

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5. Aquarius

How an Aquarius comes off to you is really dependent on you. Aquarius is like those AI chatbots, they will study you, learn of what the correct responses are and then you will see the perfect friend or companion that you have ever met — and why not, this Aquarius has tailored itself so. In other words, if you are a nerd, then so is the Aquarius. If you are not, then even they are not.

It is quite a conundrum, honestly. However, deep down, Aquarius are intellectuals by virtue of being an air sign. They have the intellectual smarts and their all-centric approach helps them do wonders with it.

Not everyone might get to see it, but we know their preference when they finally pick their partner and they are the smartest and the nerdiest — to give Aquarius good intellectual jousting as and when necessary.


6. Sagittarius

Sagittarius spends more than a good amount of time living inside their heads. Which is why most of the nerd populace is comprised of these guys. We all know a Sagittarius who takes their interest way too seriously.

So much that they will be those people in that line, camping on the pavement, through the mustiest or the rainiest of nights, fighting the line-cutters and the mosquitoes alike, just so they could get their hands on those premiere passes or the early bird copies.

If there is something their inner nerd wants, you know they will get it, no matter what it takes and no matter what the price.

So, there you go! These are the nerdiest zodiac signs amongst all. Let us know in the comments below if you belong to any of these.

If you want to know more about the zodiac signs that are nerdy, then check out this video below:


The Top 6 Nerdy Zodiac Signs
The Top 6 Nerdy Zodiac Signs

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    Angry Mouse

    I’m an Aries, and first to comment. What a surprise, ha? I suffer inside for feeling like such a nerd, and for enlightening everyone, everywhere, who isn’t getting “it”, whatever “it” might be. I just sense things so acutely, and so early on in the things that will become problematic, or devastating. I can’t keep it in because I hate bad, sad surprises. I hate to be so alone in the things that I realize about whatever is being realized, so I speak up. Usually, no one agrees. Then what I was afraid would happen, happens. And no-one remembers that I said I thought it would go that way. I have many ideas about how the world could be a better place that I don’t dare share with anyone, because if I’m alone on the just the daily problems, the problems of the whole certainly won’t be understood.

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