The 3 Types Of Human Minds And How They Work

Types Of Human Minds Work

People with rigid minds have a tough time getting out of their comfort zone and show no signs of creativity. This makes them do the same thing over and over again, thus leading to a lot of boredom. They hate giving up control and feel extremely uncomfortable when they don’t get to hold the reins, which leads to a lot of suffering.

3. Flexible Minds (Balanced, and open-minded)

People with flexible minds are adaptable and are easy-going, but at the same time they are not like fluid minded people, i.e. they do not accept anything and everything that is thrown at them. Their nature and thinking are more creative, and smarter. Actually, they fall in the dead center of the spectrum; they are malleable, adjustable, and never force their opinions on others, but at the same time, they refuse to behave like a doormat.

Flexible-minded people like the name suggests are very flexible and open-minded. They do not abide by a strict code of conduct, nor do they just go along with everything mindlessly. You can talk to them about anything you want without feeling judged, as even if they disagree with you, they will never make you feel inferior to them. They are always open to new ideas, and diverse opinions, and never believe that only what they think is right.

Types of minds
The 3 Types Of Human Minds And How They Work

All these qualities make them humble, and friendly people who you can get along with very well, without any complications. Their positive and inspiring nature always makes people feel comfortable and secure in their presence.

No human being has just one of these types of minds; every person has a little of this, and a little of that, even though some prominent features might be of one specific type of mind. Every human being’s thought process is different, and it is always interesting to know the different types of minds and thinking, so that it gets easier to be happy, and understand yourself better.

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The 3 Types Of Human Minds And How They Work

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