5 Minute Relational Psychology Test Will Reveal Your Innermost Thoughts

5 Minute Relational Psychology Test Will Reveal Your Innermost Thoughts

The power of interpretation and association is evident in relational psychology.  There are many great tools associated with the therapy that enhances the process of self-discovery. A Relational Psychology test is perhaps the most famous in the mainstream demographic when it comes to tests and quizzes. 

These relational psychology tests are designed to allow the subconscious to reveal the truth about ourselves to our conscious awareness. To see how this works for yourself, I figured I’d include one such personality test for you to take today. 

Follow along with this exercise keeping in mind that it is important to try to concentrate on how you feel about what you are describing and not just on how it looks. This relational psychology test will help in providing clarity to you, on a mental level. Not a lot of people know this, but humans spend the most time in their subconscious, and that is why it is important to know what it is trying to tell us. 

The relational psychology test below will give you a good idea about what you feel, what you want and how your life is in reality. This is possible because this test targets your subconscious, and brings out important information, that you normally don’t think about otherwise.  

For example, you may describe something as a certain color because it gives you a feeling of calmness. However, another person may describe the very same thing as a different color that also gives him or her a sense of calmness. Though both people picture the thing differently, the interpretations of their answers are the same – the color, represents calmness to them

The 5 Minute Game 

Picture a desert stretching out as far as your eyes can see. Within this desert is a cube. Describe the cube. What does it look like? How large is the cube? What’s it made of? And where in the desert is the cube? No right answers and no wrong answers. You can’t lose the game! Feel free to take a moment before you continue.

So there you are in the desert with your cube. Along with the cube, you notice a ladder. Now, describe the ladder. How big is it? Where is it in relation to the cube? What is it made out of? Again, take a moment to think before you continue.

Now within this desert that contains a ladder and a cube is now a horse. It may very well be a horse with no name. Now, describe the horse. Where is the horse? What’s it doing? Is it going anywhere or staying put?

We’re almost done. Now, you see flowers. Describe the flowers. How many are there? What do they look like? Where are they in relation to the other objects? Last question. There’s a storm. What’s the storm like? Is it near? Far? What kind of storm is it? Does it impact any of the other objects in the desert?

Answers: What the Symbols Represent

Cube: Represents How You Perceive Yourself

The cube represents yourself. How you think about the cube reflects how you think about yourself. For example, you may think the cube is made of yellow stones. Yellow may give you a feeling of warmth and stone may give you a feeling of strength. Then, it means that you believe that you are a strong and warm person. The distance between you and the cube reflects your understanding about yourself. If the cube is far away, then it means that you do not feel close to your inner self. If the cube is transparent, that means you let people see through you. People can read your mind easily. The ratio of the cube to the desert is how you think about yourself in this world. The bigger the ratio, the grander you think of yourself and what you’re meant for.  People who see an excessively tiny cube, feel that they are smaller than life.  People with a cube that is excessively large, feel as if they are larger than life. A small ratio means that you recognize that you are just one part of this world and there are many other things out there beside you.  a large ratio means you thrive on being the center of attention.

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  1. The dessert didn’t have sand or dunes it was flat with nothing but scraggly trees and underbrush. My cube was made of glass, and lacked color, you couldn’t see through it and it don’t reflect light. It was about the size of a room and was hovering a good three feet above the ground. The ladder was made of wood and was propped up against the cube leading to the top, it looked old and worn a complete contrast to the cube but fit somehow. The cube about five yards in front of me. The horse is small, brown, and well kept, its mane is black it eyes brown and intelligent, it’s not doing anything, it’s head is bowed and looks calm. The flowers are small and blanket the ground, they are elegant and willowy dancing in the wind, the petals are a warm yellow, they form a perfect circle around the cube and horse, and stretch as far as the eye can see, but don’t go any close the the horse and cube, you can almost feel hesitation. There is a storm looming ominously over the dessert but it’s a ways behind, there is no lighting only thunder, the storm isn’t moving just sitting there, waiting perhaps. The clouds are almost pitch black and seem to swallow everything in front of it, as if everything the storm touched disappeared and would never come back.

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