Cube Personality Test: Discover Yourself in 90 Seconds

Cube Personality Test

Here’s cube personality test helps you take a deep dive into your inner self, creating awareness of what is there in your subconscious mind.

There are many great personality tests that enhance the process of self-discovery. A Relational Psychology test is perhaps the most famous in the mainstream demographic when it comes to tests and quizzes.  It is designed to allow the subconscious to reveal the truth about ourselves to our conscious awareness. But in practice, it is a psychodynamic personality test.

To see how this works for yourself, this post brings one such test known as the cube personality test for you to take today.  The test was first published in the best-selling book “Kokology” by Japanese author Tadahiko Nagao. The main focus is the analysis of the deep psyche using theories from Freud and Jung.

The cube personality test was developed by a Japanese psychologist who wanted people to be able to gain quick insight into their lives and personality. It is a quick mental exercise that lasts approximately 90 seconds.

The cube personality test below will give you a good idea about what you feel, what you want, and how your life is in reality. This test targets your subconscious and brings out important information, that you normally don’t think about otherwise.  Not a lot of people know this, but humans spend the most time in their subconscious, and that is why it is important to know what it is trying to tell us. 

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For example, you may describe something in blue color because it gives you a feeling of calmness. However, another person may describe the very same thing in different color that also gives him or her a sense of calmness. Though both people picture the thing differently, the interpretations of their answers are the same – the color, represents calmness to them.

Cube Personality Test

Follow along with this exercise keeping in mind that it is important to try to concentrate on how you feel about what you are describing and not just on how it looks. This cube personality test will help in providing clarity to you, on a mental level.

1. Think of a desert or an open field

Picture a desert stretching out as far as your eyes can see.
How big is this dessert? What is it filled with? What are the surroundings like?

2. Think of cube

Within this desert imagine a cube.
Describe the cube. What does it look like? Color of cube? How large is the cube? What’s it made of? And where in the desert is the cube? No right answers and no wrong answers.
You can’t lose the game! Feel free to take a moment before you continue.

3. Think of a ladder

So there you are in the desert with your cube. Along with the cube, you notice a ladder.
Now, describe the ladder. How big is it? Where is it in relation to the cube? What is it made out of?
Again, take a moment to think before you continue. Details are important.

4. Think of a horse

Now within this desert that contains a ladder and a cube is now a horse. Imagine even if it’s weird.
It may very well be a horse with no name.
Now, describe the horse. Where is the horse? What is the color of the horse? What’s it doing? Is it going anywhere or staying put?

5. Think of flowers

We’re almost done. Now, you see flowers in the desert with a cube, ladder, and horse.
Describe the flowers. How many are there? What do they look like? Where are they in relation to the other objects?

6. Think of a storm
There’s a storm.
Last task: What’s the storm like? Is it near? Far? What kind of storm is it? Does it impact any of the other objects in the desert?

Having fun? Now we are going to interpret your vision in 5 minutes based on what each symbol in cube personality test represent.

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Answers: What the Symbols Represent

cube personality test

1. Desert: Represents your mind

While dessert or open field in the cube personality test represents your mind, its size tells your knowledge of the world and how vast your personality is. The condition of the field tells what your personality looks like at first glance.

  • If you find the dessert dry or dead then you are feeling pessimistic.
  • Grassy and healthy? You are feeling optimistic.
  • Well-trimmed, then you are analytical and cautious.

35 thoughts on “Cube Personality Test: Discover Yourself in 90 Seconds”

  1. My desert was endless. Open and flat where my cube sat, but in the distance there were large dunes that I couldn’t see past. My cube was very small, maybe only an inch tall. It was black, with a gloss finish, and even though I didn’t touch it I could tell it was very heavy. In the beginning, I was standing close to it, looking down with it sitting right in front of my feet. When the ladder was added, it was maybe 100 feet away from the cube. The ladder was one of those that you lean against the side of something, but it was standing by itself with no support, leading into the clear blue sky with no clouds. If I were to climb on it, the parts of the ladder I couldn’t see would appear as I continued climbing. I couldn’t picture the horse at all until the storm was added. When the storm came, it was dark, rolling clouds with lightning, thunder, and rain. It was standing alone far in the distance, not moving, but I could feel the wind pick up the sand near me and start swirling it around. The horse appeared on a distant sand dune, and was galloping fast into the storm, where it would disappear, and then reappear in the same spot where it originally showed up. This was on a continuous loop. The flowers first appeared in abundance, spread across the ground with thick foliage, but far away from any of the other items. They were small, and white, with mostly the leaves taking up space. As I thought about it more, the ground began to dry up and crack where they were, and the flowers shriveled and dried up. This was also on a continuous loop, where they would rehydrate, and grow in abundance, but then die and start over. Through the whole thought process, every time another item appeared, I would be further and further away from my cube and everything that was happening. In the end I was standing on the opposite side of the valley. It felt like everything was an option, rather than it all being parts of my own self. I’m hoping this is still a recent discussion so I could have some feedback on it.

  2. The dessert didn’t have sand or dunes it was flat with nothing but scraggly trees and underbrush. My cube was made of glass, and lacked color, you couldn’t see through it and it don’t reflect light. It was about the size of a room and was hovering a good three feet above the ground. The ladder was made of wood and was propped up against the cube leading to the top, it looked old and worn a complete contrast to the cube but fit somehow. The cube about five yards in front of me. The horse is small, brown, and well kept, its mane is black it eyes brown and intelligent, it’s not doing anything, it’s head is bowed and looks calm. The flowers are small and blanket the ground, they are elegant and willowy dancing in the wind, the petals are a warm yellow, they form a perfect circle around the cube and horse, and stretch as far as the eye can see, but don’t go any close the the horse and cube, you can almost feel hesitation. There is a storm looming ominously over the dessert but it’s a ways behind, there is no lighting only thunder, the storm isn’t moving just sitting there, waiting perhaps. The clouds are almost pitch black and seem to swallow everything in front of it, as if everything the storm touched disappeared and would never come back.

  3. My cube was made of glass and green of color.. and a door with a keyhole in the middle.. same hight as myself and about 30 feet away from me..

    The ladder was made of steel and on top of the cube reaching all the way into the sky..

    The horse.. a stud Brown of color with wild manes.. standing next to the cube on his back legs.. looking to the front..

    There was a field of flowers surrounding the cube and the horse.. all violet colored.. leaving the center with the cube and the horse a desert ground..

    The storm was in the background.. filling up the sky with a dark blue color and lightning flashes.. but not in a threatening way.

  4. My Cube was made of glass and green of color.. the same hight as myself.. and a door with a keyhole in the front..

    The ladder was made of steel on top of the cube reaching all the way into the sky..

    The horse.. a brown stud with wild manes was standing on his back legs beside the cube.. looking to the front..

    There was a field of flowers surrounding the cube and the horse.. all violet colored..

    The storm was in the background filling the sky with a dark blue color and lightning flashes

  5. ACC. To my imagined design >>

    A Cubic pyramid made of solid sand stones (half outside & half inside desert) .. ladder starts from the feet of pyramid ends at the almost top of the pyramid to the door connects inside the pyramid (made of same desert sand) .. horse & flowers designed traditionally outside walls of pyramid same colour as desert sand ..& sand storms couldn’t destroy this solid pyramid & it’s designs from many centuries

  6. My cube was small and seemed to be made out of the same sand as the desert was. Slightly darker, solid and not see-through, back near the horizon of my desert. The ladder leaning against my cube was made of metal and was quite large. It should have fallen through the cube, as it wasn’t big enough to support it. The horse stood closer to me than the cube. Unsattled, but had a lead on. Facing the direction of the cube but pawing the ground. My flowers were quite cartoonish, very many . So close in view I couldn’t see where they were rooted. They had a child-like five petal drawing style and ranged from various pastels like pink blue and purple. My storm raged through the sky, not really disturbing anything, but thundering and lightning touching the ground between where the horse stood and where my cube was.

  7. Very interesting test. My cube was a small dice made of stone. White with read dots. What does it mean? Do I have 6 kinds of personalities or many sides of myself or something? Horse and ladder were close but not lean on each other. Storm was far and had no impact at all. Flowers are very beautiful and they are all over the desert. What does it mean? Thousands of kids? please let me know what you think. Thank you..

  8. This is an incredibly interesting test. For the most part what i saw was accurate to hoe i feel about myself. I saw the desert as extremely large and desolate and the cube was a tiny sugar cube far in the distance. the ladder as wooden but neither supporting the cube nor was it leaning on the cube it was just laying idol beside the cube. however it was and average sized ladder. Then the horse this is where it got weird for me because i pictured it dead. lying on the ground rotting like it had been dead for a while or possibly mauled by some wild animal. what is even more peculiar is that the flowers grew out of the dead horse. they were white flimsy flowers, beautiful though and there were three. The storm was quite far away but it was a bad one, a hurricane maybe or a devastating tornado.
    My question is what does the horse analogy mean in my case and more over the flowers growing out of it? I don’t know if you could speculate or have an answer but let me know if you could, thanks. By the way I love this website and Facebook page all of it its one of the pages I always look forward to reading. Oh! one more thing the horse was father away than the cube or the ladder. If the storm were to continue it would hit the horse and flowers first.
    …This is actually terrible. wow.

  9. I saw a cube within a city block walking distance. It was HUGE and white but it wasn’t solid. I thought since this is desert let my cube perform a vital function. So I decided it should be of some polymer and have openings for the air to move through and perform some act of condensing moisture from the air into moisture on parts of the sides that then forms droplets that ran down the side into a small trough at the bottom on all four sides. There is a door in the cube in case I want to rest out of the sun. That ladder is made of the same polymer and leans against the cube near the door. It goes all the way to the top of the cube. My cube has a big red circle on top…maybe so I can be rescued by a helicopter. LOL That horse…no restraints. I see it lick the wall where droplets form and then bend down to drink from the trough. The trough has an overflow into a “rain” garden where cactus that have edible flesh are growing. They are blooming as watered cactus will. In the distance is a Thunderstorm; nothing dramatic; just the kind of storm that comes through a desert and sets everything into bloom.

  10. What do you make of mine?

    I imagined myself walking through a vast, endless Sahara-type desert. I encounter the “cube”, which more or less could fit inside my lap (soccer-ball sized), directly in my path. Upon discovery, the cube is a bit dusty, perhaps partially buried in the sand, but as soon as I pick it up, it becomes extremely dark & shiny (i.e. a metallic-marble texture). I notice that the “cube” causes an unsettling feeling in me, and I suspect that the “cube” holds some sort of inherent power.

    Next, the ladder. The ladder is “normal-sized” (i.e. like the ones used to clean the roofs of houses), and is made of dense, maroon-colored rusting metal. The surface of the ladder is rough, old, and peeling away with the rust and oxidation. It lies flat on the ground, besides the cube, with its base pointing towards me and the top in the direction of my path.

    The horse I imagined was a magnificent, elegant, white horse with long, flowing manes (also white). She is not restrained, but has a lightly-colored saddle on her. She appears very calm, and is standing besides the ladder (to the left) while facing the cube. She does not move and simply stands there, her manes blowing in the desert breeze.

    The flowers I imagine were sparse. They were few in number (10-20) and were planted in the ground around the horse’s feet and around where she was standing. They were small, appeared fragile, and were mostly light in color (yellow & white were predominant colors, although others were present).

    What are your 2cents? 🙂

  11. My cube was a silver-white wireframe (like in animation software), transparent but with a hint of blue haze; small, the height of a bench or end-table. The ladder was originally standing unsupported, facing away from the cube to the right, but nearby; dark wood. The horse appeared in the place of where the ladder would have been leaning against; milk-chocolate brown with no reigns or saddle, facing toward the center of the image, but headed away as if toward a future. The storm appeared a distant thunderstorm also to the right, behind the ladder and horse. The flowers appeared multitudinous and all around, transforming the desert into a meadow of white roses, violets and lilacs.

    In a way a lot of this makes some sense, as I tend to be sort of a loner and procrastinate about many of my obstacles. The flowers thing gets me though, because in imagining it I didn’t know they were supposed to represent my children.. Unless I go on some sex-rampage I suspect in this case they might represent my attitude toward children in general.

  12. My cube was huge and glass- filled with water – a pool – with a very long metal pool ladder leading up to it and many lily pads floating on the surface – It was the center of an oasis, surrounded by trees and a storm hovered above, a light rain fell from a gloomy cloud and fed the pool its water. And the horse was a seahorse – imagine the colorful one from Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou- swimming inside the cube (NSFW?)

  13. My cube was ice. about my height and big enough to be seen from where i stood. the wooden ladder was leaning on it and slightly taller than the cube. my horse was black and running towards the storm. the flowers were scattered n looked like metal giant venus flytraps around the cube.

  14. I imagined a large cube, placed in the center of the desert. Tall as almost 20 feet above the ground. It was colorful checkered, tasted like chocolate. It looked happy. The ladder was made of wood and was light brown in color, half the size of the cube and was leaning close too the cube towards one side, but not on the edge of the cube. The horse is a beautiful white pristine one without the saddle. It was rooted to the ground towards one side of the cube facing the cube but not directly looking towards it. The storm is on the other corner of the desert. It is far away not threatening but could come. The flowers are bright beautiful colorful ones, growing in little bunches in one long line. they are of different varieties. I have been thinking of opening an orphanage center in my place, it could mean that perhaps..hahaha.

  15. Not sure what mine meant…I pictured a real big glass cube full of fresh water in the middle of a flat dry dessert with mountains in the far distance. The cube was a little shorter than me so I could reach the water. When I added the ladder, the cube grew and got bigger since the ladder was leaned up against it and water could be reached. The ladder was one of those functional aluminum types you get at Lowes and can pull out to get longer…Then when I added a horse (my little colt Chico) he needed water so my cube grew to a size that he could reach the water…and the ladder just stayed there leaning agains the cube. The flowers grew all around the base of the cube in many colors and varieties like thick wild specific number, but a full bloom of vibrant flowers because the water was easily accessible to water them…The storm? Grey sky with hard winds and sand blowing…promising rain. Weird.

  16. My cube was huge crystal and sparkling with the colours of the was black and shiny not saddled

  17. My results are quite confusing. I imagined a blue cube made of ice about the size of the Tesseract in the movie Avengers. The cube was made of ice and contained water floating inside it. Like one of the bubbles you see in those glass things. The ladder was an old wooden ladder containing 5 steps with a white paint coating which was worn out in a specific place (a patch of brown visible on the side of the 3rd step), the horse was a brown and sturdy one moving quite away from me on one of the high dunes (perfectly represents my love life, haha). It was a big horse and was moving with its head held high. I imagined the flowers to be in the gap between two dunes but clearly visible. A bit of grass around them. 3 flowers looking exactly like sunflowers just lesser petals and all white. Since it was a desert I imagined the storm to be a locust storm. You know where like millions of locusts fly through eating everything that's eatable. Well, though the storm engulfed the whole wide desert when it passed it caused no harm to the flowers or the cube or the ladder. Just the horse moving at a slow and proud pace earlier speedened up a bit to move away from the storm. Once, the storm passed it was a desert filled with dying locusts and I could still see everything quite clearly and nothing was harmed one bit. Which I think is a good sign. No matter how big or how many problems I had, they failed to phase me.

  18. My cube was made of glass and was medium size. The ladder was made of brown wood and inclined a little to the cube. The horse was white and galloping to the cube from behind it. The storm was a little far on the right, an electric one. And the flowers where purple and were in front of the scene.. ..

    1. I had a wooden ladder but it magically stood by itself… black horse standing patiently to ride me out of there. Storm was fantastic – off in the distance and no rain!! I

  19. my results are stange : cube is a icecube near… The ladder is a grass stalk. the horse is whatching ants going on the cube through the branch of herb…. the horse as a crown of flower they are little and white, the storm is small and various place and leave small amount of water everywhere

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