6 Undeniable Things You Will Regret When You Grow Older

things you will regret when you grow older

No regrets; this has become the greatest far-fetched dream. How much we try to make things right and live a regret-free life, we always end up stacking our list of regrets. The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, totally unpredictable and there can be dozens of life regrets, things you will regret later in life.

As you grow older, you tend to see your life from another man’s perspective and you’ll realize that there are so many things you wish you have done differently. Life is full of mistakes and it’s part of the journey, no one can help it.

Once you are old, you may want to share your wisdom with the younger generation, a.k.a; your regrets. And they will share their’s as they will commit different types of mistakes in their life path. It’s a circle we all go through, it will not end, or maybe it will. But one thing every old bloke will agree on, that without these regrets, their life would not be that interesting.

We all want to live life to the fullest. But there is still a longing for some unfulfilled dream, or it can be a failed relationship or a missed opportunity. There is always a “what if” in everyone’s mind. It gets intensified once you are old when you have seen the majority of things, the pros, and cons also the background in every story.

Sometimes accomplishments get lesser points than regrets. That is why we are in a pledge to find out the common major things you will regret when you are older. Moreover, in a hope that you will start working towards them so when you are at that age, you can fiercely pursue happiness and laugh like crazy.

Here are some things you will regret later in your life. Better start working on these life regrets before its too late.

1. Not chasing the winds

Most people cannot take charge of their life because they cannot overcome their fear. Fear of failure, fear of judgment, or simply the unknown. Sometime’s we are held back by our family or society. Think of the time when you really wanted to go for a solo trip to visit all 50 states but your fear got the better of you.

When you wanted to perform in a band, or when you wanted to take a food challenge at a restaurant. Oh, remember? when you wanted to do karaoke and then realize your peers are present. This list can go on forever.

The list of every time you let your fear win to do something crazy, to do what YOU wanted. You will regret making the choice of not asking for a promotion, not competing, or simply let your fear win. 20 years down the line, you would realize that the FEAR was nothing but False Evidence which was Appearing Real and you fall for it.

2. Worrying about other people

Your life should be what you make it, not what others tell you to be. Other people’s opinions don’t matter if those are blocking you from focusing on yourself. Discouragement is the first step when you decide to go after your dreams. Your ethics and obligations can clash with your passion.

Taking care of everyone is not your job. You place your goals after other people’s opinions. In your old age, none of them matters. Sometime’s you find asking for help will make you look dumb and slow or maybe short of an individualistic mindset. You are more likely to berate yourself if you cannot figure it on your own. Asking for advice is not a weakness, it’s a strength but unfortunately, this realization comes much late in our life.

3. Not following your dreams

Probably this is one of the major life regrets most of us have. Your instincts will tell you to take it easy because challenges create the possibility of failure. You take a step back to take the risk after seeing the road is not a straight path. Go for it, because taking risks is to make your life change. being afraid of what could go wrong only lead you to a world of uncertainty, where you will keep wondering how the situation would have played out if you have taken the action.

After few years, you may regret running away and not taking the action. The crucial need for success is to step out of your comfort zone and explore the opportunities. Don’t give up when the going gets tough. Pushing through a hard time is what makes you stronger. Later in life, this “what if I fail?” will be replaced by what you should have done, you will not regret giving your all instead you regret never giving yourself the chance to succeed.

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4. Not being positive enough

Now, this is such a regret maybe only old folks will feel. We all have our fair share of mistakes in life. While it’s not always possible to learn from our mistakes, we also keep on dwelling over them which in turn energizes our fear to go ahead. Focusing on the negative aspects of life can make a deep impact, not in a positive way.

Sometimes when we indulge in achieving the bigger goals, we forgot to appreciate the little moments. Live that moment because once it’s gone, you can never get it back. Attitude is the criterion for success. Your attitude is how you handle your problem.

There is an attitude for greatness, success, and prosperity. It is a positive attitude. When you are older you cannot help but think that you should have adopted this attitude, that would have made it easier to avoid certain worries and negative thinking.

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5. Not being there with your family

We are all busy. Be it work, parties, soccer practice, or home renovation. In this process, we overlook the most important asset we have got, our family. Yes, it’s tough balancing office presentations and birthday parties, but these people whom we are taking for granted today will be there for you when you need them tomorrow. When there will be less work and more time for you, you will regret not putting more time and energy into your family.

You will fantasize about the missed moments and wonder how life would shape up if you have focused more on your family. Now we know “being there for your family” and “taking care of your family” are different things. But sometimes differentiating the priority works. One call or message, be present at thanksgiving dinner or dumping one office meeting to attend PTA meeting. These are some things we can do to “make up” for our family.

6. Not taking care of yourself

Your body is the only place you will truly ever live. Maybe this one is taking you back in your 30’s and you remember how you always forget to eat the lunch your wife made and order something out later. Getting into a routine and prioritizing our health and diet seemed like calamity fall upo

n us. Now when you are sitting, struggling with your leg cramps, you think what if you have taken good care of your body. We ruin our health when we give in to the temptation of bad habits. Maybe not now, but we are surely gonna face the consequences later.

No life is perfect and mistakes are inevitable. There can be a ton of advice for not making the mistakes. One thing is for sure that you cannot shut them off, no one can. Mistakes if rectified earlier does not remain mistakes but learning. But sometimes we learn about those mistakes much later in life when there nothing could be done. Here we have accumulated 6 things you will regret when you are older. If you are a youngster reading this article, try to make much use of it. If you are older, we just want to tell you one thing, you have lived a great life.

Those Top 37 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old2
life regrets
things you will regret when you grow older pin
things you will regret when you grow older

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