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5 Things You Can Do to Calm Your Fears Now

Things Do Calm Fears Now

Do you feel restless, worried, fearful, and anxious about the pandemic? Do you long for peace in your mind and confidence about your health and safety? Instead of avoiding your fearful thoughts and the challenges surrounding the pandemic, I have 5 things you can do to calm your fears now.

You aren’t alone in this and there are solutions. These 5 things are practical solutions. They’ll help you shift your thoughts from racing fears to a calmer you.

You have the power within yourself to calm your fears during this pandemic.


ONE – Identify what you can control and leave what you can’t control alone.

Resolve today to act on what you can control. For instance, you can wash your hands, you can take steps to keep yourself healthy by getting plenty of rest, boosting your immune system with vitamins, eating healthy foods, cleaning and sanitizing your home, and staying away from people who are not feeling well.

Also, the news and media may be feeding your fear so you can turn it off and you don’t have to listen to it.

Stay informed with legitimate health information from your family doctor and health professionals who know what they are talking about and leave the rest alone.

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TWO – Focus on the positive.

be positive

Instead of dwelling on the negativity from the media and other people, count your blessings, you can always find something positive in your life. Find a positive affirmation each day and focus on that, It will calm your fears.

In difficult moments, ask yourself “what is one positive thing I experienced today?” You’ll almost always find a list of positive things and experience an immediate sense of relief.

THREE – Do something creative and/or fun.

Sometimes all it takes is something lighthearted or creative to get your mind into a better place. Instead of wallowing in a bad mood, choose something that you like to do, and give yourself a break. Temporarily leave your cares behind and immerse yourself in an activity you enjoy.

Creating something can help you focus your mind and relieve anxiety. Adult coloring books and crafting can soothe anxiety and troubling thoughts about this pandemic.

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FOUR – Practice Social Distancing as often as necessary.

If you don’t have to go out, then stay home. When you do go out, take the precautions that will keep you healthy and safe. Keep to the 6 feet apart rule as much as possible and wash everything down when you return home. Stay away from sick people.

FIVE – Focus on relaxation.


If your thoughts cause you to feel anxious and tense, set aside time for deep breathing and relaxation. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and pay attention to your breath.

Breathe deeply and slowly. It only takes a few minutes to replace feelings of anxiety with feelings of peace and relaxation. Put some relaxing music on to help you focus your mind and breathing.

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When your mind is troubled, ask yourself what you are thinking and why you are feeling the way you feel. Challenge thoughts that are negative and unhelpful.

You can also talk with professional therapists, coaches, and supportive lay ministers to help you through this time.

Written by: Danielle Bernock
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Danielle Bernock

Danielle Bernock is an international, best-selling, and award-winning author, coach, and speaker who helps people embrace their values, heal their souls and reclaim their lives through the power of the love of God. Her books include: Emerging With Wings, A Bird Named Payn, Love’s Manifesto, and Because of You Matter. Be encouraged by her Victorious Souls Podcast. Danielle enjoys life with her husband Michael, in Michigan, near their adult children and grandchildren.View Author posts

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