7 Things That Can Tell You A Lot About A Person


Tell You A Lot About a person

Do you trust people at face value? Or do you analyze their attitude, body language, and behavior first to know them better?

Being able to read people is a superpower that can help us build better relationships and avoid toxic people. 

In this article, we are going to explore how subtle mannerisms and behaviors of people can reveal a lot about their real self.

When you know what to observe, you will be able to understand someone better and know their real personality.

Here are 7 things that can tell you a lot about a person

1. Their body language

Did you know that 93% of all communication is nonverbal, and body language covers 55% of that 93%?

Our body language, whether conscious or subconscious, allows us to express ourselves without using our words. From our facial expressions and hand gestures to our posture and eye movements, every part of our body tells a story. 

Once you know how to read someone’s body language, you will be better able to understand their mental and emotional state, even if they don’t say it.

2. How they treat others

How a person treats strangers can reveal a lot about them. If someone treats you nicely but behaves rudely with others, especially people who are below them, they are not really nice person. 

If someone treats others with disrespect, then it means they lack empathy, integrity, and self-respect. 

3. How they keep their promises

While making promises is easy, keeping them is a whole different story. Life can often keep us from fulfilling our commitments. But if someone has a pattern of making false promises, then it is likely they are not reliable. 

When someone repeatedly fails to keep their commitments then it means that they don’t respect you nor their own words.

4. What they do when they make a mistake

We are all prone to making mistakes. When someone accepts their mistakes in a positive and respectful way, it shows they are willing to learn and grow.

But if that person shifts the blame on others, becomes defensive or silent, then it shows they are insecure, narrow minded, and resists accountability. 

The true nature of a person is revealed when their chips are down. 

5. How honestly their social media reflects their real life

Social media helps us build our social reputation. So it makes sense that we always want to portray our best selves online. However, there is a difference between showing your best and being fake online. 

If someone’s profiles, posts, captions, and stories are designed to create a specific image that does not match their real-life persona, then it is undoubtedly a warning sign. It shows that they are manipulative and constantly seek external validation. 

However, if someone’s social media profile reveals their real and most genuine self, then it means that the person has high self-esteem and only cares about self-validation.

6. How they make eye contact

People who make and maintain eye contact are believed to be confident, honest, and socially dominant. However, if they struggle with making eye contact then it means they struggle with anxiety, lack confidence, and may be introverted. 

While making eye contact reveals that they are paying attention to you, the inability to make eye contact shows that they are distracted, nervous, embarrassed, or uncomfortable.

7. What clothes they wear 

The clothes we wear are a manifestation of our perceptions, thoughts, and emotions.

If someone always wears designer clothes, then it means that they want to show off their wealth and seek validation. However, if someone is always dressed professionally, then it shows that they attach their self-worth with their work and achievements. 

If someone is always dressed in casuals, then it reveals that the person is easygoing and has a laid-back attitude or they don’t really want to attract attention or impress others. 

When you know what to watch out for, you can better analyze what a person is like and understand their true character.

These psychological hacks can help you better assess people and know who to avoid and who to become friends with. 

So keep these strategies in mind when meeting new people so that you can avoid drama and build better relationships.

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7 Things That Can Tell You A Lot About A Person

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