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7 Things You Definitely Need To Know About Someone Before You Say, “I love you.”

7 Things You Definitely Need To Know About Someone Before You Say, "I love you."


Love is blind and accept it or not, we often fall in love without knowing the real version of the person. It is definitely true that it’s not easy to know everything about a person in a short span of time, but before jumping into saying the three magical words, ‘I love you,’ one should really give it a thought. The moment you say ‘I love you,’ you are committing not just emotionally but also in other aspects of life.

As the saying goes, slow but steady wins the race!

You might really love the person for their looks, their qualities but how much do you know them as a person?

There are a few questions answering which will make you understand certain integral aspects of a person and help you decide whether that person is really the one you should be saying this magical phrase to!

(1) Do they have any other person in their lives?

Your love interest might be single but they might be still in love with their ex or they have crush on someone or they have someone who is more than just a friend to them. If any one of these is affirmative, then it’s better to give it sometime and watch or quit.


(2) Are they really willing to hear the words from you?

Sometimes people who go out for dates are not interested in long-term relationships no matter how much their partner loves them. If your romantic interest is not prepared to have a relationship with you, then there’s no point in wasting time behind them.


(3) What makes them laugh?

The secret to a long-lasting relationship is enjoying each other’s company. And laughing is the best expression for it. If you see your romantic interest laughing a lot when they are with you and vice versa, then it’s a good sign. Else, you really need to put in some effort here.


(4) What are their insecurities?

A relationship is not a bed of rose petals; thorns are there too. Loving someone doesn’t mean appreciating the good qualities of that person; it also means accepting their flaws. Once a person reveals their insecurities to you and you accept them, it means they are really comfortable in your company and you are comfortable with their flaws. If this doesn’t happen, it’s better you take time because there might be some flaws you might not accept.


(5) What is the status of your relationship with yourself?

Hard as it sounds, this is one critical question. Before committing to another person, it’s important we know ourselves well. Until and unless you are happy with yourself, you are confident about yourself, you can never give your cent percent to the relationship.


(6) Are they emotionally available to reciprocate your love?

Your love interest might have physical relationship with you but a long-term relationship needs emotional bonding too. You need to figure out if they are emotionally available or not; reciprocating emotionally and understanding the emotional needs of one another is essential for a relationship.


(7) What’s your position in their priority list?

We only reciprocate the love when we value the other person. So, you should know your position in their list. If you fall in the top category of their priority list, then only you should think of telling them.

Understand yourself and the other person before rushing into commitment and you won’t hurt yourself in the process.


7 Things You Definitely Need To Know About Someone Before You Say, "I love you."

Emilia Gordon

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