The Zodiac Signs That Are Missed When They’re Gone Ranked From Most To Least

The Zodiac Signs That Are Missed When They're Gone Ranked From Most To Least

People aren’t the same and when some leave, we miss them more than we would miss others.

They’re the people who can make a whole crowd buzz with energy only for the crowd to become lifeless as soon as they are gone. This ability stems from their personalities and the star sign which governs them.

There are zodiac signs which can breathe new life into a gathering whereas others just bring everyone else down with them.

If you’re wondering where you stand in this rating, here are your answers:


1. Cancer

Naturally loving and nurturing, people start missing Cancers as soon as they’re gone. Sometimes it feels like they’re coddling you too much but then they’ll do something really nice like cook you dinner or give you a hug and you won’t even remember that you thought that just a while ago.


2. Virgo

Virgos are very introspective and they help you find themselves in a way that you’ll start missing them the moment they step out. Their presence is as solid and reassuring and as essential as the stuffy couch in your living room that you love. They’re full of fun and knowledge and you never get bored around them.


3. Gemini

If things were perfect, all of us would be half smart and half artistic. Unfortunately, we live in a flawed world but some make the best of it. For example, Gemini is universally loved by intellectuals and artists alike and their absence can make you feel that something really important is missing from your life.


4. Sagittarius

Everyone’s favorite daredevil, Sagittarius might not be able to infuse excitement in a crowd but they’re definitely the people who’ll lead you on an adventure. Always ready for something new, their energetic personality can be infectious and make you feel like you’re ready to do something daring yourself.


5. Libra

Idealistic almost to a fault, this trait of Libra’s can feel like a breath of fresh air but too much exposure to it can make you feel irritated and annoyed. You’ll love them when the party is just about to begin. Their artistic eye will ensure that your decorations are perfect but if you’re expecting them to help you after the party, don’t hold your breath. Libras prefer to stay away from messes so even though they aren’t essential to you, it is nice having them around.


6. Aquarius

Falling right in the middle of all the signs, mostly everyone is okay with them being there and okay if they leave. They have a sense of adventure but they usually use it only during sex or if they’re venturing out into new territory. Putting them in a crowd at a party won’t really change the vibe. They’re fun to hang out with, but Aquarius doesn’t contribute anything unique and vibrant to the fun. People won’t really pay attention to their comings and goings because they can take them or leave them.


7. Pisces

Emotional and volatile, be prepared for waterworks in every place you visit if you’re with a Pisces. Watching them cry tears of joy can be fun because that is cute and adorable but their tantrums and sobs are a different matter entirely. You never know when something is going to set them off and leave them in tears. This can make things very awkward very fast and you’ll just wish you could act like you came in with someone else. In the end you’ll just send them back home with promises of calling them later to calm them down.