The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget: Zodiac Signs That Are Hard To Get Over, Ranked


The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget

Are you hard to get and harder to forget? If people can’t get over you, you must be! But are you THE hardest zodiac sign to forget? Find out!

Every zodiac personality is unlike, and so is their impact when they leave. However, there are some zodiac signs that are hard to get over and are missed more, when they leave. 

They bring in a lot of warmth and passion to their intimate relationship and if for some reason they have to leave that connection behind, you can imagine how devastating it can be for their partner!

Missing zodiac signs, especially pining over the hardest zodiac sign to forget, is not easy! So, when talking about zodiac signs that are hard to forget, we thought about ranking them from the least to the most to find out the hardest zodiac sign to forget!

Go through our list of hard to forget zodiac signs and see for yourself if you can make the cut to be the hardest zodiac sign to forget, among all!

Which Is The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget? Ranking The Most Addictive Zodiac Signs

Here is the countdown of zodiac signs who are hard to forget, ranked from least to most. Find out how will you be remembered according to your zodiac sign!

hardest zodiac sign to forget
Which Is The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget?

12. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos are very practical and detail-oriented. They will have your best interest in their heart but might come off as critical and demanding. They will set unattainable goals and high standards for you to meet, making you feel inadequate or not good enough.

After a bitter fight, chances are you might not care much about the fact that they just want you to apply yourself more and move on from them pretty quickly.

11. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Geminis are typically admired by intellectuals for their thirst for knowledge and their everlasting desire to explore life and the world.

However, when it comes to intimate relationships, they’re not known to provide consistent effort, given their dual nature and wide range of interests.

As their minds are always occupied with new ideas, thoughts, and information, they’re also quite fickle-minded, changing opinions and views frequently.

All these can lead to conflicts and misunderstandings in their relationships, and their loved ones tend to leave them behind, wrongly assuming that they’re not valued by the Gemini.

10. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Always ready for something new, the daredevil Sagittarius surely brings excitement with their energetic personality. Their sense of humor and interpersonal skills makes them the life of any party.

However, their adventurous and free-spirited self make it hard for them to get committed and tied down. Moreover, they appear less emotionally invested because of their casual and light-hearted energy.

Also, owing to their popularity in their social circles, their partners might get the wrong idea of them being unfaithful. That’s why people tend to forget about them after a split.

9. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

They have unique personalities, eccentric even. But their novel ideas to make the world a better place along with their individualistic way of life have a strong pull.

But after the initial period of awe and wonderment is over, you might find them to be emotionally evasive.

As with any Air sign, the mind rules over emotions for the Aquarius natives. They’re not good at handling intense conversations or overwhelming situations, and so when things turn heavy, they prefer to escape.

You might feel alone even being in a relationship with them, and so might not miss their absence too much if you two part ways.

8. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Controlling with a massive sense of responsibility, Capricorns usually turn out to be killjoys. They’re sincere, caring, and loyal partners who can think of fun things to do but as they don’t devote much time to make things work, you might not want them around forever.

Sometimes they’ll act so responsible and cautious that they end up sucking all the life out of you. Other times their busy work life will make them unavailable and distant.

Furthermore, their silent and brooding personalities make it hard for their loved ones to see all the deep-lying love, care, and concern. Capricorns, like other Earth Signs, are fixated on practical needs and stability, ignoring emotional expressions.

7. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

hardest zodiac sign to forget
Which Is The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget?

Aries people are undoubtedly passionate, but they seem to care more about themselves than others. On top of that, they have a controlling nature and infamous rage.

Being in a relationship with them might feel intense and passionate, but after a while, it gets taxing and exhausting.

If you cannot look past their arrogant nature, it would be a relief when they leave you or you leave them. However, you will miss the warmth and excitement that they used to bring into your life.

6. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

hardest zodiac sign to forget
Which Is The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget?

Scorpios are best known for their sensual prowess. They’re caring, but also emotionally intense and possessive and would go for acquiring complete sovereignty over your life if you are in a relationship.

But they’re also secretive and won’t express their vulnerabilities to you unless you win their trust after what might seem like an unending series of psychological tests.

If you prize your freedom and personal space, you would move on from them pretty quickly. However, if you loved to be taken care of by them, it might not be easy to get over that. Either way, you’re bound to miss their skills between the sheets.

5. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Which Is The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget?
Which Is The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget?

The most annoying thing about Taureans is that when they discover something exciting, they’ll keep insisting that you also get excited about the same thing. This is nice because they care about you and they want to share their interests with you.

They might have a great idea or the thing they have to show you might actually be a lot of fun too. But Taurus doesn’t know when to stop pushing it.

They don’t understand that others might not be into the things they like or share their views with, or that there are times when people are just not in the mood to do that thing.

But if you have ever been with a Taurus, you will fondly remember how your stability and well-being ranked top on their priority list, along with all the caring things they did to make you comfortable and well provided for. Not to mention their out-of-the-world sensuality and physical touch.

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4. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Which Is The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget?
Which Is The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget?

The thing with the Pisceans is that when you’re in a relationship with them, you might find their sensitiveness and mood swings to be too much to handle.

Honestly, they can be emotionally high-maintenance. A minor argument or setback can bring on the waterworks and they even can go MIA for days over something really trivial.

But, after they’re gone from your life, you will surely miss how attuned they were to your emotional needs and how delicately they handled your grievances. Pisces people have an almost childlike innocent and pure energy, that makes them very hard to forget.

3. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Which Is The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget?
Which Is The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget?

Libras are idealistic to a fault and this can come off as people-pleasing. You might feel they never openly express their needs or say “no” when it’s needed.

They also take their sweet time coming to a decision. So it can get quite frustrating sometimes. However, it’s not easy to get over them. They tend to bring a certain sense of stability and make you feel needed.

While they maintain full composure and control over their emotions, you tend to feel overwhelmed around them. Moreover, their artistic and creative persona makes them really difficult to forget.

You might feel Libras are hard to understand and their aversion to messy situations might also make you walk on eggshells, but once they’re gone, their presence will linger on, making you miss them more and more with every passing day.

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2. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

As proud as the lion, Leos have enormous egos. They hate to admit their mistakes and are very easily offended.

You won’t be able to engage in any teasing banter with a Leo, not if you wish to stay friends with them. If they feel ignored by someone they like, their graciously generous personality will fall off and a dark, twisted, ugly, and even narcissistic side will come out.

But, their personality is so beautifully complex, you will get hooked on to it.

When they are gone from your life, you will surely miss how good they made you feel when you were gloomy, how caring they were when you were in a bitter mood, and how they made you laugh with their silly antics.

Leos have a habit of putting people on pedestals, so you surely gonna miss their admiration. You will also have a hard time replacing them with someone as confident, charming, quirky, and alluring as them!

Sure, you will not miss those angry outbursts and temper tantrums but the passion and heat that they used to bring cannot be easily forgotten.

1. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Which Is The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget?
Which Is The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget?

Naturally loving and nurturing, people start missing Cancers as soon as they’re gone.

They can be smothering at times by going overboard with expressing their care. They can be a tad clingy too. But the way they nurture, care, and provide for their loved ones is unparallel.

Take the sensitiveness and purity of Pisces, the empathy and artistic talents of Libra, and the love and passion of Leo, without any of the negative traits, and you get the love of a Cancerian.

So, as soon as they leave, you’re bound to fill the vacuum left by them. You will crave their softness and gentle nature.

Even if you’re someone who needs a lot of freedom and space, you will never forget the caring Cancer! They are the hardest zodiac sign to forget!

So, that was the hardest zodiac sign to forget! Do you agree? Which is the hardest zodiac sign to forget, according to you? Comment down below!

Which Is The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget?
Which Is The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget?

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The Zodiac Signs That Are Missed When They're Gone Ranked From Most To Least
Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget
Zodiac Signs Who Are Missed When They Leave Ranked From Most To Least
Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget
The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget pinex
The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget: Zodiac Signs That Are Hard To Get Over, Ranked
The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget pin
The Hardest Zodiac Sign To Forget: Zodiac Signs That Are Hard To Get Over, Ranked

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