Which of The 8 Faces Do You Find The Scariest? Your Choice Reveals Your Inner Demons: The SZONDI TEST

The Szondi Test: Which Of The Do You Find Evil And Scary?

Ever wondered what secrets lie hidden in the depths of your subconscious? Well, the Szondi Test an 80-year-old psychology test might reveal your inner demons.

This test was Developed in 1935 by Hungarian psychiatrist Léopold Szondi, this test aims to unveil suppressed traits through a selection of unsettling Szondi test pictures. So, are you ready to explore the secrets that may be lurking within?

The Szondi Test Pictures: Which of these do you find the most ‘scary’?

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1. The Sadist

If you picked the first image, it suggests you’ve faced mistreatment from authority figures, sparking a strong desire for control. Despite putting on a happy facade and being a people-pleaser, there’s a hidden burning desire to take charge.

The Szondi test results hint that past encounters with authority might have made you outwardly passive and friendly, while secretly harboring a longing to see others suffer.

2. The Epileptic

Opting for image 2 paints you as kind and sweet, adept at keeping your impulses in check to avoid upsetting others. Your ability to mask negative emotions might make you appear meek and friendly. However, beware – under pressure, there’s potential for an explosive outburst, akin to a dormant volcano waiting to erupt.

3. The Catatonic

Choosing image 3 indicates intrusive thoughts and a penchant for dreaming about desires, all while preferring the stability of your comfort zone

Intelligent with an overactive mind, you’ve likely become dutiful and rule-driven to manage this overactivity. Balancing this complexity becomes a challenge, leaving you feeling disconnected and lost.

4. The Schizophrenic

If image 4 resonates with you, you present an outgoing persona but grapple with making meaningful connections. While social on the surface, deep down, you may repress apathy for others.

Despite enjoying social interactions, a sense of loneliness and isolation lurks beneath, revealing the intricate layers of your social dynamics.

5. The Hysteric

If you’re drawn to “The Hysteric,”, the Szondi personality test suggests you enjoy attention despite appearing modest. Maybe childhood experiences shaped your humble exterior, but deep down, you appreciate being in the spotlight. Your meticulous appearance might be your way of subtly seeking attention.

6. The Depressive

Choosing “The Depressive” doesn’t mean you’re depressed, but it hints at battling inner feelings of unworthiness and guilt. While you focus on work and others to cope, you might avoid addressing these emotions directly. Your immersion in social or work life could be a way of sidestepping personal struggles.

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7. The Maniac

Despite its name, “The Maniac” symbolizes balance and maturity. If you connect with this image, you likely dislike chaos and noise, suppressing impulsive tendencies. Deep down, you’re energetic, but a history of being told to “calm down” has made you keep it all inside.

8. Dissociative Identity Disorder

When you choose the Dissociative Identity Disorder image, it may remind you of past bullying or trauma which in turn may enforce your adherence to gender stereotypes.

You may strongly adhere to traditional notions of masculinity or femininity, even criticizing those who don’t. Your desire for acceptance might lead you to follow the crowd and suppress your individuality.

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The Szondi Personality Test is a fun way to learn more about yourself, although it lacks scientific validation. You will not be able to perfectly capture human personality within a few pictures alone, so don’t take this test seriously.

Just take some time and embrace your uniqueness as per the Szondi test results. Share your thoughts on the complexities of your own mind in the comments below!

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