The Seer: Seeing Souls with 4 Different Kinds of Gifts

the seer

Every person has got some spiritual gifts which over time, grow for some people or some people lost the power of their gifts throughout the process of life. One of the powerful spiritual gifts is soul seeing, and the person who has that supernatural insight is known as the seer. The Seer: Seeing Souls Through 4 Gifts: Mediumship • Psychic • Oracle • Elementals

This comes as a shock to many, but there are many kinds of soul seers. Our gifts decide what we have access to, and if you are not aware of the full spectrum of access then you may be confused about what it is you are seeing.

It‘s also important to note that what we are ALL seeing can and does shift as all souls can travel and leave or come back at any given time but also because our gifts evolve.

1. Mediums

Let’s begin with the “Medium”. Mediums can see souls that have already found their way back home. They do this by calling in souls. Most souls that have crossed overstay “home” observing their loved ones through a “screen” like a barrier or reconnecting to their loved ones as spirit guides anchoring to their soul structure to complete a mission or goal.

Souls who have crossed over are kind, compassionate, loving, supportive, seek forgiveness for their human decisions, and high vibrational. They do not spite, grudge, manipulate, lie, or guilt. They will not hurt you, drain you or convince you to cause yourself harm in any way.

The medium gift means souls are available for communication on a call like a telephone wire. The gift of mediumship is located at the crown chakra. It looks like a portal above the head where the gifted may call upon and pull in souls who have crossed over by creating a door for them. This can be energetically draining, if not done properly.

Because it is a doorway, and because most of us don’t see “all”, and because so many people use their gifts with no formal training, this portal can also let in negative entities and the gifted may confuse a loved one for a haunting or negative entity as they can be deceiving. This is why many mediums never develop their gifts or are scared to use them.

2. Psychic Seers Of The Demonic

Seeing demonic entities and removals is a gift in itself. Most mediums are blind to them unless they have the gift. This gift is usually located in the 3rd eye. most people shut this gift off because of fear and damage to the gift structure.

Sage and other herbs/plants/resin only realign energy to a positive state once entities have been removed by a gift structure. They do not remove the negative entities on their own. It’s like spraying air freshener over rotting food. If you don’t remove the food the smell eventually comes back.

Negative entities simply hide and come back when they can. Removal of an entity is not destructive. One actually has to send them back home. They are like wild wolves loose in our homes, we must trap and return them home where they cannot harm us.

There are just as many “negative” soul groups on the equal and opposite side of the barrier. They function in chaos and destruction. We function in the master merger.

They find their way through the veils here when:

  • They are called in by humans during satanic rituals
  • They sneak in when people are improperly using their gifts
  • Being invited
  • Open portals and gateways
  • Hauntings

Let me explain the last one, sometimes a haunting stuck here because of guilt, trauma, fear may get SO vengeful and spiteful that they devote their life stuck in purgatory (in between the veils) to manipulating and hurting humanity.

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