The Seer: Seeing Souls with 4 Different Kinds of Gifts


the seer

Every person has got some spiritual gifts which over time, grow for some people or some people lost the power of their gifts throughout the process of life. One of the powerful spiritual gifts is soul seeing, and the person who has that supernatural insight is known as the seer. The Seer: Seeing Souls Through 4 Gifts: Mediumship • Psychic • Oracle • Elementals

This comes as a shock to many, but there are many kinds of soul seers. Our gifts decide what we have access to, and if you are not aware of the full spectrum of access then you may be confused about what it is you are seeing.

It‘s also important to note that what we are ALL seeing can and does shift as all souls can travel and leave or come back at any given time but also because our gifts evolve.

1. Mediums

Let’s begin with the “Medium”. Mediums can see souls that have already found their way back home. They do this by calling in souls. Most souls that have crossed overstay “home” observing their loved ones through a “screen” like a barrier or reconnecting to their loved ones as spirit guides anchoring to their soul structure to complete a mission or goal.

Souls who have crossed over are kind, compassionate, loving, supportive, seek forgiveness for their human decisions, and high vibrational. They do not spite, grudge, manipulate, lie, or guilt. They will not hurt you, drain you or convince you to cause yourself harm in any way.

The medium gift means souls are available for communication on a call like a telephone wire. The gift of mediumship is located at the crown chakra. It looks like a portal above the head where the gifted may call upon and pull in souls who have crossed over by creating a door for them. This can be energetically draining, if not done properly.

Because it is a doorway, and because most of us don’t see “all”, and because so many people use their gifts with no formal training, this portal can also let in negative entities and the gifted may confuse a loved one for a haunting or negative entity as they can be deceiving. This is why many mediums never develop their gifts or are scared to use them.

2. Psychic Seers Of The Demonic

Seeing demonic entities and removals is a gift in itself. Most mediums are blind to them unless they have the gift. This gift is usually located in the 3rd eye. most people shut this gift off because of fear and damage to the gift structure.

Sage and other herbs/plants/resin only realign energy to a positive state once entities have been removed by a gift structure. They do not remove the negative entities on their own. It’s like spraying air freshener over rotting food. If you don’t remove the food the smell eventually comes back.

Negative entities simply hide and come back when they can. Removal of an entity is not destructive. One actually has to send them back home. They are like wild wolves loose in our homes, we must trap and return them home where they cannot harm us.

There are just as many “negative” soul groups on the equal and opposite side of the barrier. They function in chaos and destruction. We function in the master merger.

They find their way through the veils here when:

  • They are called in by humans during satanic rituals
  • They sneak in when people are improperly using their gifts
  • Being invited
  • Open portals and gateways
  • Hauntings

Let me explain the last one, sometimes a haunting stuck here because of guilt, trauma, fear may get SO vengeful and spiteful that they devote their life stuck in purgatory (in between the veils) to manipulating and hurting humanity.

Doing this for one year would not change its composition. But I have come across souls who have done this for centuries, La Llorona for one. In a case like this, she has done so much ”bad” taking so many lives, hurt so many people, that she has no heart left and is now resonating heavily with the demonic realms because of her decisions over those centuries.

I’m a case like this she can be spotted by those who see the demonic and by those who see hauntings. Because of her extreme power, she would also be felt when she is energetically shifting the energy in a room.

3. Psychic Seers Of Lost Souls

There are many vision fractions, or what some people generalize as “psychic gifts”.

Another form of seeing souls found in the third eye is a person who can see hauntings. That means they see souls caught or stuck here, refusing to cross over. What we call ghosts.

These souls usually refuse to cross over because they are scared of judgment, persecution, hell, carry guilt or fear, or simply aren’t ready to accept their passing. Sometimes they simply don’t know they died because their death was so sudden. Children get stuck here often because they don’t realize what happened to them and are still looking for their parents. They call this purgatory because there is no food.

They are disconnected from their physical self and energy and hiding from their “home” or soul group and slowly starve UNLESS they are willing to steal energy from living humans. Food is usually low vibrational energy to suit the low vibrational fears that got them stuck here in the first place.

So they may scare, bother and haunt humans for a “quick fix” so that they can continue surviving here. Souls stuck here need to be counseled and coached through their fears and into crossing over willingly.

4. Psychic Vision

Another psychic gift is the more common psychic. Someone who can see the past/present/future of others.

Sometimes one, sometimes all. This gift is very different than the oracle gift who ”sees all” through the crown chakra. The difference is oracles have a very loose connection to time and are rarer.

5. Psychic Seers Of Energy

There are also psychic or third eye gifts connected to seeing the energetic body of others, auric field, or chakras.

They may see clouds and colors, dark clouds, lumps of clots of energy. These people may get a “sense” of a negative entity or attachment but not actually see them.

6. Elementals

Gifts working with elementals, usually found in the root or sacral chakra, can communicate with a spirit through orbs. These are not direct communications to spirit, but more like small clips, videos, messages being played out by the orbs delivering the message.

They can only deliver a message of spirits who have crossed over. Many times spirits who have crossed over send an orb as a remote viewer to a big event they want to “be a part of” like a camera recording for those back home.

Spiritual Skype. Souls that are stuck or haunting would not come through with this gift but can communicate through local objects like electronics by manipulating the energy coming through – although it’s important to note that it is very hard for them to do.

7. Extrasensory Seers

Extrasensory beings can sense all energy.

But how they see and feel depends on how well they have developed their gifts and what supporting gifts are available to them. Their energy (at its most basic level) generally works by feeling and digesting the energy in their environment.

Reading molecules most of the population aren’t sensitive enough to read. With this, they can pick up someone’s memories, thoughts, emotions, past present, or future and even connection to deceased loved ones through etheric chords or memories.

Sometimes this includes psychometry, reading the history and energy of an object through touch. If that object belonged to a deceased person they will pick up the energy and memory of that person.

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All of these gifts above can be amplified by other gift structures and soul aspects. For example, a highly developed Extrasensory gift structure is nothing like an undeveloped one. A psychic who has telepathy will communicate much better than one relying just on feeling.

So our gifts get even more complicated than this! That’s why gift reports are an hour long. I go through each chakra as see how that specific chakra digests energy to make the most of your personal gift structure. The gift structure is like a thumbprint.

A gifts expression and power are based on a collection of information including:

Soul origins

• Archetype

• Evolution/experience

• Ability to heal

• Gift awareness and training

• Ability to dispel and work through ego

• And most importantly, the actual gifts available to the soul

——To find yours out connect to the author of this post. Jessenia has the ability to read people all over the world at any distance and explain their personal gift structure starting with their soul’s birth and into the development and use of the gifts, they were given. She calls this reporting system the “Akashic Reports”, or soul records. —

— This is only a small blurb of what I see, I think it’s easy to see how gifts can vary SO MUCH and how inaccurate our perceptions of gifts have been all along! I have yet to see two souls alike. This only goes over SOME of the gifts I have seen in the crown and third eye. We have the capacity to carry 1-3 gifts in each chakra!

Thank you for reading. To look into your own personal gift, check out the Akashic Reports.

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Copyright © 2019 @new_england_psychic_medium
Written By Jessenia Nozzolillo
Originally Appeared On New England Psychic Medium

“Visit Psychic Medium Jessenia on Facebook to book your own personal session online.” 

Akashic Records are records of every soul that has ever existed, and all of the information that lies within each of these souls. Jessenia has the gift of being able to access these records and work on your soul through a process she calls “soul reintegration.”

This process includes searching for any traumas and/or obstructions to the soul that would inhibit or delay your soul’s development or expression. Once these are found, they are repaired; once repaired, your soul is able to evolve to a closer state of full expression through your physical form.

This is what Jessenia, the New England Psychic Medium helps her clients and followers accomplish through articles, posts, videos, and personal sessions.

The “Seer”: Seeing Souls with 4 Different Kinds of Gifts
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    Hello I wanted some information on the gift I have and what is it meant for . I take pictures of the spiritual realm but not the spiritual realm not just the spiritual realm but other things. Things that exist but are not seen with the eye. I see nothing unusual and take a picture with a tablet camera . When I review the pictures though something strange is in it . I have hundreds of pictures of Demons and Aliens mostly but yes they are real fairies , little person 1, Angel 1, crafts of Aliens ,a screaming rock the list goes on and on of things we only have heard about and some that it’s hard to mention because of how crazy it sounds. I was wondering if jessenia could contact me at so I could get some answers to something that makes no sense nor why I have it . Please don’t ask for money because I am homeless and have not even a bank account , but I have some pretty exciting pictures that can answer a lot of societies questions about aliens why they are here, and what they are up t Noteworthy point Aliens no matter what kind are not friendly and we are not part of any agenda we are the agenda

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