The Only Toy You Need For Great sex

The Only Toy You Need For Great sex

Once you can smoothly say the words and put it out there, then it’s time to start putting it into practice with your partner. Start small with single words being introduced, and building up as you become more comfortable. You might be surprised at how quickly that happens.

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Dirty Texts

Dirty texts are not only a good way for you to break the ice with your partner when you’re introducing dirty talk; they’re also the ultimate foreplay.

In order to overcome your discomfort in the beginning, try incorporating the dirty talk into text messages. Once you feel more comfortable, you can go to the spoken word.

The upside of text messages though is that they are one of the best forms of ongoing foreplay you can imagine, especially for women. Think about it: when you use dirty text messages, then for the whole day at work we get spoken to, told how wonderful we are and how much we’re desired, and that’s bundled up in non-stop attention.

There’s very few women I know who wouldn’t fall all over themselves to be getting non-stop attention from their men. And when you’re that turned on and having sex regularly, you’re not worried about the other stuff, like your boep or belly or cellulite.

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