Can You Make A Square By Moving Only One Matchstick? Tricky Puzzle


Make Square By Moving One Matchstick

Are you a fan of cracking tricky and logical tests? Then here’s the matchstick puzzle – all you need to do is move one matchstick to make a square. It may sound simple but it will really test your skills! But before we start with this puzzle, let’s find out the benefits it has.

The brain benefits of the puzzle are immense and have been tested by scientists years ago. A vast literature is available on attempts to measure the benefits of the puzzle on the human mind and results showed improvement in cognitive and executive functions.

However, whether you will reap the brain benefits or not depends on your mental strength. Those who work on hard puzzles will get a higher cognitive boost than those who solve puzzles having easy-to-medium level difficulty. And, of course, your interest and dedication play a big role too.

Studying people who love solving puzzles on a daily basis showed that puzzles offer various psychological benefits:

  • Improved Memory
  • Heightened Creativity
  • Facilitating the Whole Brain Approach
  • Dopamine (feel-good hormone) Production
  • Meditation (helps the mind stay calm)

Can You Move One Matchstick To Make A Square?

Try this matchstick puzzle as it is designed to test your analytical thinking.

Given below is the picture of four matchsticks arranged in a plus-sign shape with the red-coated heads facing outwards. People are racking their brains to solve this logistical problem. 

Seem too simple right? Get ready!

Wait! Don’t hurry up!

There is a small twist!

You can move only one match to make a square.

Now that is what is driving people crazy!

Can you do it?

Move One Matchstick To Make A Square
Move One Matchstick To Make A Square: Tricky Puzzle

Well, this puzzle is not a cakewalk!

So are you still trying to figure out how to move one matchstick to make a square? 


Still, thinking…?

Don’t get baffled, stay clam! The answer is right in front of you! Think out of the box and approach the problem with a different angle. Focus deeper on alternative methods to make the square with a single matchstick. 

Do you need hint to make a square with one match? Scroll below for the answer!

Make Square By Moving One Matchstick Look
Here’s how you can make a square by moving just 1 matchstick
Make Square By Moving One Matchstick move this up

Check out the video below if you want to try out other matchstick tests. It gives you less than a minute to try and find the answer before revealing the solution. In case you need more time, you can pause the video.

Try This Make A Square Puzzle

So did you enjoy the move one matchstick equation puzzle? Let us know in comments and feel free to share it with your friends and folks.

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  1. Matt K Avatar
    Matt K

    Take any match, snap/bend it in half, place it in one of other two corners. Boom, a small square

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