The endless chatter of my Inner Self

The endless chatter of my Inner Self


The Moment it is dark…. My Mind riots !

33 thoughts on “The endless chatter of my Inner Self”

  1. Avatar of Κατ&

    It's like I do a lot of things during the day thinking that like that it would be easier for me to fall asleep at night. Well, I was absolutely wrong.

  2. Avatar of Helen Landero Punay

    Ahhhhh me??? I just think of our happy memories… my Honey CMD is my sleeping pills in all honesty even I don't see him for so long…thinking about him made me smile and fall asleep:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Avatar of Harsh Bathia

    Intelligence is a virtue most of the times, except when it comes to overthinking. It's like a price you pay for your good mind. It disrupts your mood, creates unnecessary problems which other ppl don't even think of.. Intelligence costs sucks, but at the same time, you get stronger by learning how to deal with it..

  4. Avatar of Perry Dave

    Night is to sleep it means new day is coming with new creation one has to simply follow a law of nature not own ideas it's better if we send our all worry and pain along with sunset simply enjoy moon with deep breath and close your eyes with mind tomorrow morning world is waiting for you.specifically I need you for further guidance towards my life. Good Night…Darkness is beautiful company to find out light towards own brightness.

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