The Differences Between Third and Fifth Dimensional Relationships


Differences Third Fifth Dimensional Relationships

Relationships are an important part of our lives. All of us want to maintain long-standing relationships that last the test of time. Relationships are not only an investment in people but they are also an investment of time, space, and energy. What we haven’t realized is that there are two kinds of relationships: the third-dimensional and the fifth-dimensional relationship.

Haven’t heard about them?

Third-dimensional relationships are usually meant to break. This is because the third-dimensional human beings are meant to understand the intricacies of loss and sadness.

It is because humanity signed up for this. We agreed that we will have relationships that will hurt us. That is exactly what makes us human.

On the other hand, fifth-dimensional relationships sustain themselves. The people with whom you share the bond of the fifth-dimensional relationship are your soul mates.

They will stay with you, no matter what and they will stay with you, not because of your wealth or your material possessions but because of the fact that deep down they are connected to you. Such people will nourish your soul and give you peace and satisfaction.

The level of intimacy (which many of us consider being the premise of a relationship) can also help you know which type of relationship you are in.

Here Are 5 Differences Between Third And Fifth Dimensional Relationships

1. Based on logic and reason vs purpose and connection.

Third-dimensional relationships are mere delusions. Deep down when we create them, we know they are bound to fail and this is why we choose people with whom things will eventually break off. It is just a mere bodily intimacy and not a deep soul connection.

Third-dimensional relationships are based on logic and reason. People in such relationships continue to cling to a false hope of betterment and when a little betterment happens, they feel very happy.

But what they do not realize is that a little bit of betterment means absolutely nothing. They continue to fall into the snares of delusion even after this realization.

Fifth-dimensional relationships are based on the purpose and connection of the soul and not of the body. This means that what connects people together in a fifth-dimensional relationship is the feeling that they have a purpose to fulfill that can only be done when they are together.

This means that they feel complete when they are together and that completeness is not only of the body but it is an experience of the soul.

2. Superficial intimacy vs emotional and soulful intimacy.

Third-dimensional relationships require a lot of physical effort. This does not mean effort only in terms of sex but this also means that third-dimensional relationships tire people out.

This is because they are merely physical experiences and not on any spiritual level.

Thus, they can be excruciatingly tiring. The irony is that even after tiring themselves out completely, people in third-dimensional relationships do not feel fully satisfied and because of this lack of satisfaction, people enter into new third dimensional relationships. It is really a vicious circle of nothingness if you look at it.

On the other hand, fifth-dimensional relationships please the senses and nurture the soul. They make you feel fulfilled and complete and that means that you are not only satisfied but you are also filled with creativity and newness, so much so that you exude and release it in the outside world.

You will be like a flower that pleases everyone with its fragrance and beauty. That’s the magic of a fifth-dimensional relationship.

If you ask yourself, “What am I getting from this relationship?” you will know what kind of relationship you are in. A third-dimensional relationship will feel like an achievement. You would love to put this achievement on display and you want people to see what you have achieved.

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You will even want others to be jealous of your relationship but you will eventually realize that it is all a huge farce because your relationship will only be based on the recognition of that relationship as a success.

On the other hand, a fifth-dimensional relationship does not need any external validation. The only validation that it needs is a feeling of internal fulfillment and peace and satisfaction on all levels. You won’t even want to show it off because deep inside you are aware that it fulfills you and that is all that matters.

3. Show of support for the external world vs genuine loving support.

Third-dimensional relationships will not act as your support system. They might support and provide for you but that support will always be hollow because it is not happening on the level of the soul but it is only an experience of the body. All of this ultimately leads to the toxic virtues of dominance, and narcissism in most third-dimensional relationships. But the toxicity will never be shown in front of outsiders; as long as the perfect image is portrayed in the external world, it’s okay.

Thus, the third-dimensional relationships are mere allegiances on the external level.

On the other hand, a fifth-dimensional relationship means unflinching and unwavering support on all fronts. This support is sourced internally and hence has the quality of changing you.

Vulnerability plays a big part, which then leads to unconditional love. People in fifth-dimensional relationships always make sure that are there for each other, and always appreciate and respect the other person. Creativity, flexibility, and a beautiful soul connection is what defines this kind of a relationship.

People who are able to experience such a support system can even change the world around them. It is that powerful.

4. Feelings of dying vs feelings of true living.

We live in a world where we will experience death once. But a third-dimensional relationship will make you feel that you have experienced different levels of dying.

This means that a third-dimensional relationship will make you go through pain and loss and dissatisfaction and that is in itself a way of dying. You will experience these multiple deaths and eventually, you will become a little dead inside.

Third-dimensional relationships are not meant to last forever, which is why if you are in a relationship like that, you will experience dying multiple times. The sense of death occurs slowly in the form of loss of connection, and a lack of emotional stability.

On the other hand, a fifth-dimensional relationship is life assuring. It makes you feel like giving more and being more and even being larger than yourselves.

It is an experience that moves towards life and not one that moves towards death. Hence, in a fifth-dimensional relationship, you will experience life on various levels and your soul will dance in the happiness of this experience.

When you are in a fifth-dimensional relationship, love, commitment, and togetherness is honored above all, and this leads to soul connection; you will experience life in every stage of your relationship. Since completion is honored and valued, death is never experienced.

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5. External accomplishment vs internal accomplishment.

Third-dimensional relationships can severely affect your confidence, and self-esteem, since they are dependent on external validation. Emotional instability, and insecurity also plague the relationship, and makes it difficult to last.

People who are in third-dimensional relationships always stay on the lookout for appreciation and acknowledgment of their for their accomplishments, and when they don’t get that, it leads to a void in themselves, and they also feel insulted and disrespected.

They only focus on success when it is provided a platform and an external show of approval.

On the other hand, fifth-dimensional relationships help towards cultivating self-esteem internally, and it’s never on the lookout for any kind of external validation. Because both of you lean on each other for support, and beautifully co-create with the other person, the appreciation and respect grow between you.

You greatly understand the beauty and importance of your relationship, and the greater purpose it holds in the world. For you both, internal validation and fulfillment matter the most, and not external validation.

You might get really lucky and you might be able to experience a fifth-dimensional relationship.

But if that does not happen, try and make your third-dimensional relationships feel like fifth-dimensional ones. They will make you happy and will completely satisfy you. Moreover, they will make this world a better place to live in.

Love and Light!

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The Differences Between Third and Fifth Dimensional Relationships
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