The 5 Stages of Relationships


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When you fall in love with someone, it’s the most beautiful and joyful feeling, isn’t it? Feeling those butterflies in your stomach, stealing glances at each other, and holding hands seem like the best things in the world? Love is beautiful, so beautiful. 

But love can also teach us a lot about life, and most importantly, ourselves. Being in love is not always about being happy and perfect 24/7; love tends to change with time, and at every stage, it looks different. But different doesn’t always mean bad, you know. 

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Every relationship goes through 5 stages of relationships, and how both of you deal with them, decides the course of your relationship. In these 5 stages, you will experience attraction, doubt, disillusionment, stability, and finally commitment.

stages of relationships
Stages of relationships

How you handle these stages, how you treat each other, and what you learn from these stages, are going to decide whether you’re meant to be together or not. The way you navigate your relationship through these 5 stages can make or break your relationship. 
Are you intrigued to know more about this? Then you absolutely have to check this video out here, The 5 Stages of Relationships You Should Know About.

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