Thanksgiving Brainteaser: If You Find The Turkey Leg And Key Lime Pie In 26 Seconds, You Have A High IQ

Thanksgiving Brainteaser: Locate The Goodies In Seconds

Are you ready for a Thanksgiving brainteaser that will put your IQ to the test? This fun Thanksgiving quiz involves finding a hidden key lime pie and a turkey leg. Can you spot them in less than 26 seconds? If you can, you might just have a high IQ!

Originally designed for the Canadian holiday, this tricky Thanksgiving brainteaser works just as well for our American friends celebrating Thanksgiving. It adds an extra thrill to the festive table as family members compete to find the hidden pie among a variety of delicious desserts.

Come one, let’s have some fun with these Thanksgiving games!

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Thanksgiving Brainteaser: How Quickly Can You Find The Hidden Items?

Thanksgiving is a time for delicious food, family gatherings, and lasting memories. And what better way to make it even more exciting than with some Thanksgiving games? This puzzle challenges you to locate the key lime pie and, as a bonus, a turkey leg.

Make sure you set a timer for 26 seconds and see if you can spot the Thanksgiving foods!


How did you find this Thanksgiving brainteaser? If you managed to spot the Thanksgiving foods faster than 26 seconds, congratulations! You have a higher-than-average IQ!

The leg is hiding near the top and left of the image, while the pie can be found at the bottom and toward the middle.

Now wait wait wait! The fun doesn’t end here, my friend. We have got a few more fun brain teasers for you that will make your Thanksgiving more exciting.

Can You Spot The Turkey In The Woods?

Imagine stumbling across a fascinating situation in the woods. Archery enthusiast Chris Bright shared a TikTok video featuring a photo of trees and leaves covering the ground. Somewhere in that image, a wild turkey is cunningly hiding.

Can you spot it in just nine seconds? If you can, your IQ might be off the charts!

Thanksgiving brainteaser: Can you spot the turkey in the woods?

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If you couldn’t find the turkey, don’t worry. It was slyly concealed in the middle of the screen, under a pile of fall leaves near the base of a tree.

But if you did spot it in less than nine seconds, congratulations once again! Your IQ might just be something special.

Thanksgiving brainteaser: Can you spot the turkey in the woods answer

Okay, now let’s move on to the last Thanksgiving brainteaser before wrapping things up.

Find The Glamorous Pumpkin As Quickly As You Can

Take a look at the image below. Among a group of normal pumpkins, there’s one that stands out with luscious lashes and perfect red lipstick.

Thanksgiving brainteaser: Spot the glamorous pumpkin

Can you spot the glamorous pumpkin? Set a timer for ten seconds and see if your vision is 20/20.


If you’re still searching, don’t fret! Many people took over 30 seconds to find the standout pumpkin. So, let’s reveal the answer. It’s located at the far left and closer to the bottom. Ta-da! Now you’ve found it.

Thanksgiving brainteaser: Spot the glamorous pumpkin answer

These Thanksgiving brain teasers are just a few ways to test your critical thinking skills and have some light-hearted fun. So, go ahead and challenge your friends and family this Thanksgiving day 2023. Who knows, you might discover some hidden geniuses among you!

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Remember, Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy good company, scrumptious food, and create lasting memories. So, have a blast with these Thanksgiving quizzes and cherish the moments spent with loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving!

Which of these spot the Thanksgiving food quiz was your favourite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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