45+ Swoon-Worthy Taylor Swift Lyrics And Captions To Elevate Your Eras Tour Instagram Experience


Best Taylor Swift Lyrics Quotes As Captions

If you love Taylor Swift as much as we do, then you’re in for a treat. We’ve compiled a list of Taylor Swift lyrics that are perfect to use as captions on your Eras Tour Instagram posts.

From taking home the Album of the Year award at the 2024 Grammy’s, to forming a new connection with NFL football player Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift has been gracing our timelines like always. But one thing that has always been on the forefront of everyone’s mind is the Eras Tour.

Imagine you were lucky enough to get tickets for the Eras Tour and you’ve put lots of time and effort into having the best experience possible.

Taylor Swift Lyrics
45+ Swoon-Worthy Taylor Swift Lyrics And Captions To Elevate Your Eras Tour Instagram Experience

From picking out the perfect outfit to stocking up on friendship bracelets, to knowing all the dance routines by heart you’ve got it covered – but there’s something you might be missing – the best Taylor Swift lyrics for captions on Instagram!

Don’t worry, we have your back, these romantic and inspirational Taylor Swift lyrics are just the savior you need!

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Taylor Swift Lyrics Quotes When You Are In Love

These best Taylor Swift lyrics range from the highest of highs, falling in love to the lowest of lows, heartbreak, and everything in between.

1. “You understand now why they lost their minds and fought the wars, and why I’ve spent my whole life trying to put it into words.” — from “You Are In Love (Taylor’s Version)”

2. “Give you the silence that only comes when two people understand each other.” — from “peace”

3. “Life is emotionally abusive, and time can’t stop me quite like you did.” – “Snow On The Beach (feat. Lana Del Rey)”

4. “I’m the one who makes you laugh when you know you’re ‘bout to cry.” — from “You Belong With Me (Taylor’s Version)”

5. “He wanted it comfortable, I wanted that pain. He wanted a bride, I was making my own name.” – “Midnight Rain.”

6. “Hundreds of years ago they fell in love like we did, and I’d die for you in the same way.” — from “Timeless (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)”

8. “Sometimes I wonder when you sleep, are you ever dreaming of me?” — from “Delicate”

taylor swift lyrics
45+ Swoon-Worthy Taylor Swift Lyrics And Captions To Elevate Your Eras Tour Instagram Experience

7. “I’ve heard every album, listened to the radio, waited for something to come along that was as good as our song.” — from “Our Song”

8. “Laughing with my feet in your lap, like you were my closest friend.” — from “Maroon”

9. “I once believed love would be black and white, but it’s golden.” — from “Daylight”

taylor swift lyrics
45+ Swoon-Worthy Taylor Swift Lyrics And Captions To Elevate Your Eras Tour Instagram Experience

10. “Don’t read the last page, but I stay when it’s hard, or it’s wrong, or we’re making mistakes.” — from “New Year’s Day”

11. “Don’t say yes. Run away now.” — from “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)”

12. “Don’t blame me, love made me crazy. If it doesn’t, you ain’t doing it right.” — from “Don’t Blame Me”

13. “I’m begging for you to take my hand, wreck my plans, that’s my man.” — from “willow”

14. “You don’t need to save me, but would you run away with me?” — from “Call It What You Want”

15. “He said the way my blue eyes shined put those Georgia stars to shame that night.” — from “Tim McGraw”

16. “No more keeping score. Now I just keep you warm.” — from “long story short”

17. “You kiss me and it stops time.” — from “Say Don’t Go (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)”

18. “You two are dancing in a snow globe round and round.” — from “You Are In Love (Taylor’s Version)”

19. “Once upon a time, the planets and the fates and all the stars aligned. You and I ended up in the same room at the same time.” — from “Mastermind”

20. “I don’t know why, but with you, I’d dance in a storm in my best dress, fearless.” — from “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”

21. “I’ve been spending the last eight months thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end. But, on a Wednesday, in a cafe, I watched it begin again.” — from “Begin Again (Taylor’s Version)”

22. “Wanting was enough. For me, it was enough to live for the hope of it all. Cancel plans just in case you’d call.” — from “august”

23. “Sometimes there’s no proof, you just know.” — from “Timeless (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)”

24. “I hate accidents, except when we went from friends to this.” — from “Paper Rings”

25. “You’re so gorgeous. I can’t say anything to your face, ‘cause look at your face.” — from “Gorgeous”

26. “I know everything about you. I don’t wanna live without you.” — from “I’m Only Me When I’m With You”

28. “Isn’t it just so pretty to think all along there was some invisible string tying you to me?” — from “invisible string”

taylor swift lyrics
45+ Swoon-Worthy Taylor Swift Lyrics And Captions To Elevate Your Eras Tour Instagram Experience

29. “All those other girls, well, they’re beautiful. But would they write a song for you?” — from “Hey Stephen (Taylor’s Version)”

taylor swift lyrics
45+ Swoon-Worthy Taylor Swift Lyrics And Captions To Elevate Your Eras Tour Instagram Experience

30. “And you’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town.”

31. “I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home.” — from “Enchanted (Taylor’s Version)”

32. “He’s passing by, rare as the glimmer of a comet in the sky. And he feels like home.” — from “long story short”

33. “I want you for worse or for better. I would wait forever and ever.” — from “How You Get The Girl (Taylor’s Version)”

taylor swift lyrics
45+ Swoon-Worthy Taylor Swift Lyrics And Captions To Elevate Your Eras Tour Instagram Experience

34. “I want to wear his initial on a chain round my neck, chain round my neck, not because he owns me, but ‘cause he really knows me.” — from “Call It What You Want”

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Best Taylor Swift Lyrics For Captions

If you’re looking for best Taylor Swift lyrics captions, these are some of the best!

35. “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me.” – “Anti-Hero”

taylor swift lyrics
45+ Swoon-Worthy Taylor Swift Lyrics And Captions To Elevate Your Eras Tour Instagram Experience

36. “My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue. All’s well that ends well to end up with you.” — From “Lover”

37. “There’s a dazzling haze, a mysterious way about you, dear.” — from “Lover”

38. “I love you and that’s all I really know.” — from “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)”

39. “You drew stars around my scars.” — from “cardigan”

40. “You told me I was pretty when I looked like a mess.” — from “Today Was A Fairytale (Taylor’s Version)”

41. “Every dead-end street led you straight to me.” — from “All Of The Girls You Loved Before”

42. “This love left a permanent mark.” — from “This Love (Taylor’s Version)”

43. “You are the best thing that’s ever been mine.” — from “Mine (Taylor’s Version)”

44. “I find myself running home to your sweet nothings.” — from “Sweet Nothing”

45. “I hope I never lose you, hope it never ends.” — from “Cornelia Street”

taylor swift lyrics
45+ Swoon-Worthy Taylor Swift Lyrics And Captions To Elevate Your Eras Tour Instagram Experience

46. “Midnights become my afternoons.” – “Anti-Hero”

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​Best Taylor Swift Lyrics About Life​

47. “Don’t you worry your pretty little mind people throw rocks at things that shine”

48. “Today is never too late to be brand new”

49. “10 months older I won’t give in. Now that I’m clean I’m never gonna risk it”

50. “Long live all the mountains we moved, I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you”

51. “Don’t you dream impossible things?”

These were some of the most inspirational Taylor Swift lyrics about life and love. Do you have any favorites? Tell us the best Taylor Swift lyrics in the comments below!

taylor swift lyrics
45+ Swoon-Worthy Taylor Swift Lyrics And Captions To Elevate Your Eras Tour Instagram Experience

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