Tarot Manifestation Reading For October 2018

 October 02, 2018

Tarot Manifestation Reading For October 2018


Mantra: “My inner strength wins for me everytime.”



A lot of confusion & chaos wriggling its way through as far as your intentions are concerned. You’re unnecessarily worrying about the consequences of some projects you’ve undertaken and mostly if they will be profitable to you or not. Money is a big concern for you this month.

So much so that you forget that you’ve a good amount of it and that focusing on poverty-consciousness won’t attract abundance. Shift your thoughts and shift the way you experience your day.


Mantra: “I AM abundance, and I attract success at all times.”



Six of Swords

This seems to be a good time as any to move out of a relationship, a situation that isn’t working, or a job/work that’s not you. The time for you to move on has come but the guilt feeling within, the miserable situation is still having a romantic effect on you and so you’re in deep dilemma about leaving and starting a new life.

Keep your priorities in place and let your higher-self guide you towards the right thing. Heal your guilt with the right affirmations & mantras because guilt itself is a wrong feeling rendering our power to move ahead improbable.


Mantra: “I AM guided towards the right course for my happiness, now & always.”




An amazing month of happiness, joy, cheer and gratitude. You are surrounded by the majestic power of the divine and the angels throughout this month. Believe in yourself and the cosmos and surrender readily as this is the time to feel the inner peace which will eventually drive you to the right destination, the right path.

Let your intuition be your guide as its quite active the whole month and let it drive you with renewed motivation and fervor of shifting & creating a good life for you.


Mantra: “I AM winning back my happiness, success and fulfillment, now.”



A time ripe for happiness and cheer. Even with the difficult times you’ll rise & shine this month. You’re being rewarded with everything that you’ve been wishing for but then there’ are delays too. Keep your focus on what you’ve got and rather know that whatever difficulty you’re facing now is preparing you for the good times.

If your emotions are connected to the high vibe, things will be easier and better for you.


Mantra: “My happiness stems from the success that I have.”



Strong and willed you stand but then your won folly of not being disciplined enough but too controlling is letting you down. Analyze the issues and the problems you have along with the inner conflict that is creating them in your physical world.

Your authority can’t be pushed on to people and situation but with a loving way they can accept it. Controlling your difficulty isn’t finding solution, it’s giving the wrong energy more of leeway. Stop, analyze, work the solution, surrender should be your mantra.