How to Switch Off Relationship Autopilot and Live an Awakened Life

Switch Off Relationship Autopilot Live Awakened Life

Lately, have you been feeling that you are rushing through life and your relationship? Well, maybe you are in a relationship autopilot.

In this age of social media and the daily ‘Routine’, are we truly living our relationships?

It’s 6:30 am and your alarm goes off. Although you’d love to stay wrapped up in the warm coziness of your blankets, everything that you have to do today floods your body, causing you to jump out of bed.

Autopilot has kicked in.

You begin moving through your day like you are speeding down a highway, driving along as if hypnotized, going from one thing to the next. You drop the kids off at school, go to work, attend meetings, navigate conflict with a coworker, pick the kids up from school, run to soccer practice, get home to make dinner, help the kids with homework, feed the dog, clean the kitchen, half-listen to what your spouse is telling you about their day, and put the kids to bed.

You pause for a brief moment and collapse back into your bed, only to start it all over again at 6:30 am the next morning. You can feel anger and resentment bubbling to the surface.

“Is this really my life?”

How to Switch Off Relationship Autopilot and Live an Awakened Life
How to Switch Off Relationship Autopilot and Live an Awakened Life

This is your life on autopilot:

disconnected from yourself and those around you.

Of course, you need and want to “be there” for your children, your spouse, and your co-workers, but your inner voice can’t help but cry out, “There has to be a better way!”

How do you get yourself off autopilot so you can really live?

It all starts by shifting your focus. The key is to become aware of your feelings, habits, patterns, and general “busyness” so that you can learn to mindfully step outside yourself the moment you notice you’re engaging in your usual autopilot behavior.

Below are three strategies to disengage the autopilot and live an awakened life:

1. Tune in to your body.

The first step to an awakened life is to tune in to what you are feeling.

Take in and become aware of everything your body is sensing.

For example, as you take a shower, focus on how the water feels as it runs down your back. As you drink your morning coffee, tea, or juice, take a moment to enjoy each sip instead of gulping it down. Pause throughout your day, really focusing on how you feel as you interact with your friends, coworkers, and those you love.

Be aware of bids for emotional connection and turn towards them. The point here is to become mindful of what you feel, hear, see, and smell. Become aware of each and every sensation, paying close attention to any faint whispers from your “gut instinct.”

As you begin to get in tune with your body, you will begin to identify when autopilot is taking over. From this space, you can choose what you want to focus on, for yourself and within your relationships.

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2. Identify and set your intention.

Focusing on your relationship with your partner, take a moment to tune in to what you want.

What is your intention when you are with them?

Your intention might be to listen more deeply, let go of blame and criticism, or simply to be more honest, vulnerable, or present.

Whatever your intention, set aside a few minutes at the beginning of each day to reflect on your desired outcome.

With kindness and self-compassion, take responsibility for and release what is preventing you from fully engaging. Without judgment, be mindful of what is happening.

For example, if your intention is to deepen your sense of connection with your spouse, start by sensing the situation between the two of you.

3. Have a daily ritual of connection with your partner.

With this newfound focus on your feelings and intentions, identify one daily activity or routine with your partner where you would like to be more awake, mindful, and engaged.

For example, have a stress-reducing conversation where you only talk about stress outside of your relationship. Actively listen and pay close attention to what your partner has to say. Whatever your chosen routine or daily activity, commit to giving it your full attention and focus. Ask yourself, “What really matters here?

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Getting stuck on autopilot happens to the fittest of relationships, so be patient and stay focused on your desired outcome. In addition to these three steps, disengaging from autopilot and leading an awakened life also involves mindfully having compassion for yourself and others, practicing forgiveness, and living with an open heart.

Switching off autopilot allows you to see life from a fresh perspective and frees you to make different and more mindful decisions.

As you begin making choices in this awakened state, you’ll notice your actions naturally begin to align and become more consistent with your desired outcomes – in your relationship and in your life.

Learning to connect from a place of deep presence will enable you to hear what your heart is saying, ultimately empowering you to respond rather than react.

Engage yourself in these three strategies for making more proper decisions.

By Toni Parker, Ph.D.

If you and your partner are going through relationship autopilot, then don’t be scared by thinking that it’s doomed. It is completely possible for both of you to get through this, but only if you both work together. It is not always easy, but genuine love, support, and mutual effort can go a long way in straightening out the crinkles.

If you want to know more about dealing with relationship autopilot, then check this video out below:

How to Switch Off Relationship Autopilot
How to Switch Off Relationship Autopilot and Live an Awakened Life
Switch Off Relationship Autopilot Live Awakened Life Pin
How to Switch Off Relationship Autopilot and Live an Awakened Life

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