5 Ways Stress Hurts Relationships and What to Do About It

 March 31, 2019

5 Ways Stress Hurts Relationships and What to Do About It


5. When Intuition Loses Insight

Intuition is one of our most crucial capabilities to loving and being loved. The special glances, warm affectionate sounds, and open arms easily fall prey when someone is preoccupied with prolonged worry about something else. We can only pick up subtle facial expressions, voice intonations, and body language when we’re tuned in.

Prolonged stress depletes a relationship of its most important components: present-time deep attentiveness and the ability to live in one another’s hearts.

Stressed-out people cannot maintain those gifts. They forget how to love or allow love to penetrate their preoccupied and pressured world. That disconnect from their own inner experiences transfers into becoming separate from the one they love.


How To Re Connect

The fastest way to de-stress is to get back in touch with your own six senses. It will bring you back into the present.

Take time to breathe and deeply reflect. Remember how sweet it is to touch and be touched. Look at life with your lens wide open, taking in the beauty of all you can see, as would a blind person newly restored to sight.

Listen to the sounds that regenerate you; music, laughter, humor, and the sweetness of your lover’s voice.

Pick things up around you and press them to your face.

Take a deep breath and breathe in the memories that emit from their scent.

Let yourself taste things you love again. And let your imagination open up to possibilities again, thinking beyond the concrete into all that is possible, and live in the mind and heart of your partner.

Love will return.


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