Stay Single Until You Find The Person Who Heals You

Stay Single Until You Find The Person Who Heals You

We are always told we need to heal on our own before we go into new relationships.

You can’t love someone until you love yourself is the expression. But what happens when heartbreak makes you question yourself and everything you are?

What happens when you’ve done everything you’re supposed to and your heart still aches as the one it beats for is absent?

I think sometimes you have to trust love one more time and trust maybe love is the solution to heartbreak.

Stay single until you meet someone who respects the pain you feel.

Someone who understands your heart isn’t whole but it’s okay.

Stay single until you meet the person who isn’t afraid to put the broken pieces back together.

But isn’t rushing to do so.

The person who walks through the healing process with you.

The one who will understand there might be days you’re still hurting.

And instead of being resentful you are still thinking of someone in the past they are there to remind you they are here in the present and want to be in your future.

The one who isn’t trying to fix you they are simply trying to love you.

Stay single until you meet the person who knows the value of a heart like yours and wouldn’t dare break it.

Stay single until you meet someone who teaches you it’s okay to let go of your pain and mistakes of the past.

That you shouldn’t hold it against yourself.

Stay single until you meet the person who is okay that you don’t have it all together but they are willing to help you get there.

Stay single until you meet someone who suddenly begins to replace those thoughts in the morning of pain with the fearful happiness of meeting someone new.

The person you watch yourself fall for, even if you’re scared to do so.

Because one side of you says you don’t want to get hurt again and you should run. But the other side says trust love one more time.

Stay single until you meet the person who makes you realize why it didn’t work out with someone else.

The person you look at and think, “thank God I didn’t get it right before.”

Stay single until you meet the person who replaces that emptiness with a feeling so whole.

Until then stay single.

Stay single until you meet the person who teaches you really love isn’t something that will hurt.

Written By Kirsten Corley

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Stay Single Until You Meet The Person Who Heals You

Kirsten Corley
My name is Kirsten Corley. Both writer by day, hopeless romantic by night live my life with a simple motto. 'What can I do for you' I believe our lives are only as good as the people who's lives you make better. I strive to help readers gain an understanding of intense emotions, like heartbreak and getting through it. I think together we have the ability to overcome the challenges life throws our way and even in those times you hit rock bottom, I see it as a wonderful platform to begin again.
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