How Souls Choose Their Parents and Families Before Birth

Souls Choose Parents Families Before Birth

As far as families with more than one child, souls also make soul contract/agreements with potential siblings. The energy field and desire of the mother and the souls wanting to incarnate combine to make the decision as to who is born first. I like to imagine my sisters and I floating in the Ether on the “Other Side” deciding to go first, and I in my oldest child splendor and glory pushed through and said, “Me first, of course!” In the case of miscarriage, I’ve noticed that particular soul often comes in through a later pregnancy if the opportunity is presented. I’ve also seen one instance where the miscarried child from a woman went on to be born into her best friend’s family.

I’ve done readings for folks who have shared a myriad of past lives with the same group of souls – soul groups – all taking turns being siblings, parents and children. One thing I’m certain after doing hundreds of readings is…we certainly do choose our family members, the location we will incarnate, and the different life events that will take place. It is empowering and so very touching for me to know my family members and I chose each other. I feel especially honored that my daughter chose me. What a gift she has given me in this lifetime.

Do you believe souls choose our parents? Do you have any stories of children (or you) remembering past lives and connections in them?

How Souls Choose Their Parents and Families Before Birth
How Souls Choose Their Parents and Families Before Birth
How Souls Choose Their Parents and Families Before Birth
How Souls Choose Their Parents and Families Before Birth
Souls Choose Parents Families Before Birth Pin
How Souls Choose Their Parents and Families Before Birth

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  1. Avatar of Lucky Joestar

    If a soul came to me in a dream and told me I was meant to be their father, I’d warn them that they should reconsider choosing someone like me with emotional control issues and complex PTSD from growing up abused. I’d tell them to pick someone who grew up in a well-functioning family (in other words, not mine) and who will set a good example of behavior for them (in other words, not me). With that, I would wish them well in their next life.

  2. Avatar of Sadie

    I had experiences of both my children concerning this theory. I firmly believe that children do choose their parents. I am so glad I have found out that other people think the same. I feel like a crazy person when I tell people about my experiences.
    I had my son first. When he was around 3 years old he told me he picked me to be his Mummy. It gave me chills to hear him say that. But did not think too much about it until I had my daughter. Always thought it was a pretty awesome thing for him to say 🙂
    I miscarried in the very early stages of a 2nd pregnancy and dreamt that my baby told me I can’t come in this body but I promise you I will come back. I was crying in the dream telling them not the go, but they insisted they could not come in this body but they promised they would come back. The following year I fell pregnant with my daughter and I am convinced that when she was born she was the baby I lost.
    It could just be a mental coping mechanism that some people have suggested. Because a miscarriage is so upsetting my subconscious created the dream.
    But, I am sure that I spoke to that baby in my dream and that soul returned to me in my daughter who is now 23 years old.

  3. Avatar of Maricela

    Hi, when my son was small, he told me he picked me as his mother before he was born. He was way up high looking down, searching for his mommy. He said he saw me and knew right away I was his mom. I cried, will never forget! He’s 24 now, but doesn’t remember telling me this. I will never forget! He changed my life and made me a better person.

    1. Avatar of Isaac

      Do you have a theory about when the exact moment is when the soul enters the body? Would the soul enter a single cell right at the point of conception? The ‘body’ at moment of the very first heartbeat? The moment of the very first sign of brain activity? Etc. I’m interested in your take on this detail.

  4. Avatar of Susan

    I fully agree with your article. My son was my younger Brother. We have the same Dad, different Mums. I spent the most time with him when I was 12 yrs old and he was 14 mths old. I adored him, spent every moment, asking my step mum, can I feed him, can I get him up… Can I… On my holidays with Dad, I spent as much time with him as I could. The last thing I said to him before I had to leave, ” I wish I was your mummy”… And when he drowned a month later he came and lay around the back of my neck for a few hrs, then left to do soul work with other babies who also had drowned. He returned when I was 16 and he waited with me until I was 28, when he was conceived. He is 21 now and does not remember that when he was 2 and 3 yrs old that he would chat away about how he was James(my brother) before he got here as Roman(my son) . The first time he met my Dad he was 9mths old. He practically pushed himself out of my arms to stretch out to reach him. And of course they went on like nothing had changed… Still father and son and now grandad and grandson. There is heaps more to this but… That’s enough I just hope other people explore this topic. It is real 🙂

  5. Avatar of Alice

    This is a fascinating concept. Why did I chose parents I never felt close to? To be able to leave them, perhaps, which I did. The first time, I left for a year when I was 16 to be an exchange student far away. Then, at the age of 22, I left for good, across an ocean and a continent for close to 30 years. When I moved back to my country of birth, both my parents had passed away…..

  6. Avatar of Laura

    Hio Zanem,

    This is a very interesting article. I’d like to ask you some questions off-line. How can I contact you to do so?

  7. Avatar of Dee

    Do souls who pick abusive, addictive, neglectful, mentally ill human women as mothers…does that mean they want to have a terrible life?

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