What Is The Difference Between Soulmate And Twin Flame Love At First Sight?

difference between soulmate and twin flame love at first sight

“If you really have met your twin flame, you will feel the support of the Universe, no matter what difficulties you encounter.” — Katya Ki.
At some point, like a bolt out of the blue, twin flame love, at first sight, may hit you! It is stupendous, it is incredible, it is beyond exciting. From the very first meeting, you feel like your heart recognizes a long-lost part of yourself. Like your soul has come home to its deepest connection. 

You instantly feel like you are in love with this person before you even get to know them. You understand them at the deepest level. Both of you are totally on the same wavelength—so much so that you seem almost telepathic with each other.

Nancy Garden describes it this way: “Have you ever felt really close to someone? So close that you can’t understand why you and the other person have two separate bodies, two separate skins?”

Twin flames are considered to be one soul in two bodies. Whether you take this literally or figuratively, the love connection is the most profound that there is. You may be wondering, what is the difference between a soulmate and twin flame love at first sight

Soulmate love is also very intense when it occurs at first sight. You may feel many of the same feelings that I just described in twin flame meetings. So this issue can be confusing. But there are three differences.

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3 Differences Between Soulmate And Twin Flame Love at First Sight

Difference 1. Twin Flame Love At First Sight

While there is more than one soulmate for each person, there is only one twin flame. Twin flame love at first sight only occurs once in your life. So you may have an extremely exciting, stimulating, and rapturous first meeting with a twin flame that totally stands out in terms of how powerful and unique the experience is. 

It feels totally different from any other connection in your life. And, in addition, you may meet a few other people that spark a strong attraction and connection, who you feel may be the One. And they are potential soulmates.

Difference 2. Twin Flame Love At First Sight

Twin flame love at first sight is stronger and even more intense than soulmate love at first sight. All of the sense of connection, bonding, the in-love feelings are much stronger when you meet a twin flame at first sight! 

In contrast, when you meet a soulmate, you may feel a burst of those feelings, but they are less intense and maybe sporadic, popping on and off. With a soulmate, there is more of a sense that things might or might not work out.  Not so with a twin flame.

twin flame
What Is The Difference Between Soulmate And Twin Flame Love At First Sight?

Difference 3. Twin Flame Love At First Sight

There is less uncertainty and anxiety when you experience twin flame love at first sight. Because the person already seems to be a part of you, a lost half of yourself, there is less of a gray period in the relationship during which you are not sure where things stand. 

You know where things stand on a soul level and that is a more solid, secure connection. A soulmate is on your wavelength and feels like home, but you may go through anxiety about the relationship really lasting and leading where you want it to go.

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The Blessing of Twin Flame Love At First Sight

Whether you experience soulmate or twin flame love at first sight, it is a great blessing! There is nothing like the love that flows in either case. So many women marry out of other reasons, rather than because of these profound love connections. And this is a recipe for an unhappy life.

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