10 Signs You Are In A Codependent Relationship

10 Signs You Are In A Codependent Relationship


2. You expect them to behave in some particular way

For you to feel love or show love your partner must behave the way you want them. This means your love is based on the fulfillment of certain conditions. You don’t want the other person to be what they are. This is conditional love and not love.


3. You play victim

If you look up to someone to make you happy, and when that doesn’t happen you blame others. You need to be happy first from within, only then others can bring happiness to us.


4. You are the caregiver.

When two grown-up individuals are in a relationship they should be strong enough to take care of themselves. If you act as the caregiver for the one who is not capable of taking care of themselves, the relationship cannot grow. Growing up spiritually drives us in the right direction. We attain the strength to take care of ourselves and we are independent that way. Thus, we can be our best, and don’t need to live as a victim or helpless.

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5. You try to control everything in the relationship.

There is so much fear inside you that you want to control the other person and the situations. You are afraid that if you don’t, the relationship will end or fail. Surrender everything, and let things unfold as they have to. Everything will be okay, but you have to let surrender first.

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6. You keep from without filling yourself

You have made the other person the center of your attention, even the reason for your survival. You put them first and put yourself last. This happens from a lack of self-love. When you don’t nurture yourself, fill yourself, but keep giving, anger and frustration are bound to build up.


7. Your happiness lies in the other person.

Stop searching your happiness in your partner and try to find your source of happiness within. Connect with yourself and find that true source of happiness that is not dependent on anybody else. When you do that, others will be happy in your presence.


8. There is no sense of freedom

If its love, you will be free to do what you want and not forced to follow the desires of others. Any attempt to bind the persons with rules only generates from fear.


9. You want to be rescued.

It is a common psyche. If your life is in shambles, rescue yourself. Don’t expect someone to do it for you. Be your own savior. Let your man be what he wants to be. Free him from the expectation that he should be your rescuer.


10. You think you deserve to get the love you desire.

Realize that it’s more important to give love than getting it. Discover that unlimited source of love that exists within you. You will get much more love than what you give others.

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10 Signs You Are In A Codependent Relationship

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