Office Friendship Blooming? 11 Telltale Signs You Have A Work Spouse

Clear Signs You Have A Work Spouse Relationship

Do you and your colleague take synchronized coffee breaks? Laugh at inside jokes? Or share Advil to cure a headache? If so, you might have just found yourself a work husband or a work wife. There are more signs you have a work spouse.

Despite the popular belief that work spouse relationships are office romances, the real benefits are far from it. The term “work spouse” is fairly new, but it’s become increasingly popular in the last couple of years. A work husband or work wife is someone who acts like your real-life spouse (or at least the best parts), but without any romantic intentions.

Work spouse relationships often share similar interests and hobbies, and they typically enjoy spending time together. They are always there to help you solve your problems and can offer great advice when needed.

Signs You Have A Work Spouse Relationship

These types of friendships are extremely beneficial for both parties involved, as they can help each other succeed professionally. It’s always nice to have someone work on your side!

But how do you know if your friend is really a work husband or a work wife?

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Below are 11 signs you have a work spouse

1. You tell them everything. Literally everything.

If you go to your coworker after every single bad day at the office or constantly share your work-related worries with them—there’s a good chance this person might be your work husband or wife.

2. You two respect each other deeply.

Mutual respect between friends is crucial in any relationship; however, it’s especially important for work spouses. You should feel comfortable relying on this person at all times and should be able to disagree without feeling odd.

3. Staying late doesn’t feel like punishment.

We all hate staying after hours, but maybe things just seem different when your best friend isn’t bench pressing projects alone. Meaning — if y’all are both willing to stay late together and help one another out on stuff (or even just keep yourself company) then yeah…you guys might be more than just typical coworkers.

4. You understand when it’s time to talk business…and when it isn’t.

To have any solid relationship in the workplace, it’s important to be able to have an unspoken emotional intelligence about when it’s appropriate to talk about certain things. For example, when it’s time to get down to business or if personal life is off limits, etc.

5. Lunch dates are a must.

One of the signs you have a work spouse is that you’re always saving a seat for them at the lunch table. So, if your work bestie shares their meals with you, then congrats! You’ve found your platonic soulmate!

6. You understand each other’s workloads.

It’s one thing to say that you understand what someone does on a daily basis, but do you genuinely know how much they have on their plate? If so, then this friendship is definitely more than just that.

7. Their birthday is on your calendar (and reminds you of holidays).

One of the most prominent work spouse signs is that anniversaries, birthdays, or important events don’t go unnoticed — lunch or a small gift from them will always make you feel special.

8. You both have conversations outside of work

If your conversations with a co-worker go beyond work and start to move into personal problems, you two likely have formed a close bond.

They are someone who listens to how your weekend was, knows about your real spouse and romantic relationships, offers emotional support, and shares their own life experiences with you as well.

9. They know what coffee you want.

There’s no better way to start an office morning than with that first cup of coffee. If your co-worker knows your coffee order by heart then they are definitely a keeper and show work spouse signs.

10. You guys clown around the office and have inside jokes.

Sometimes humor is the only way to get through something tough. If you and your workmate were able to make jokes out of situations and it developed into an inside joke over time, that’s a sign of understanding, trust, and comfort. It also means that no matter what happens—fun times will always be there.

11. Going to work isn’t so bad when they’re with you.

Having a strong friendship with someone at work makes getting up in the morning easier! If you find yourself looking forward to going into the office because of this great friend, then it’s solid and lasting.

Pros and Cons of having an office spouse

We all know that if you have an office spouse that you can lean on, it makes your work environment a thousand times better. 

They are your go-to person for help, advice, or even just letting out a vent.

Here are some pros of having one:

• Emotional support is key. And they provide it through thick and thin.

• You guys make a great team! Together you tackle projects like no other pair has before.

• Everyone needs someone to have their back. And with them, you stress over work a little bit less!

But as everything does, this also has its cons:

• Sometimes people might think your relationship is more than just friends and they’ll call it a clique.

• If something goes wrong in your “work marriage” it could end up hurting the whole team, and not just you two.

• And what happens when your real spouse finds out about their counterpart?

• Attraction is attraction. And sometimes physical attraction leads to romantic feelings which makes everything awkward.

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How To Manage Work Spouse Relationships?

1. Keep communication open at all times. 

2. Don’t push any boundaries

3. Be cautious of office gossip

The Wrap-up

Yes, the benefits are great but don’t forget that maintaining a good relationship with your work spouse requires respect and communication. Therefore, keep those lines open and consider how others around you perceive your relationship!

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