7 Subtle Signs Of Emotional Manipulation That Are Hard To Identify

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Is someone manipulating you without your knowledge? Are you being taken advantage of in your relationship and you don’t even know it? Emotional manipulation can be hard to identify when you are the victim, especially when you are being manipulated by someone you love

What is emotional manipulation?

Emotional manipulation is a form of abuse aimed at controlling your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Not only will your manipulator completely ignore your feelings, they will strategically persuade you to feel in a way that is beneficial for them. Emotional manipulation can take place in all relationships, such as romantic relationships, family units, friends, and even professional relationships. Constant manipulation can lead to stress, anxiety & depression.

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Why someone may manipulate you

Emotional manipulation tactics Signs Of Emotional Manipulation

A manipulative person may try to psychologically and emotionally manipulate you due to their own insecurities and narcissistic tendencies. Their primary objective is to gain power over you. To keep you in control, an abusive and manipulative person may use a number of tactics and strategies that can be very subtle and may not appear abusive on the surface.

Even though you may be the victim of abuse, your manipulator will be so cautious, careful, and smart, you will never even realize it.

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This is why identifying signs of emotional manipulation is often difficult. But it is crucial that you learn to recognize these signs to protect yourself and your mental health.

To better understand how many tricks abusers have up their sleeve to control you, check out this quick video:

7 Signs You’re Being Manipulated (And You Don’t Even Realize It)

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