Top 10 Bad Leadership Behaviors That Destroy Organisations

Bad Leadership Behaviors Destroy Organisations

10. Having No Substance. 

A while back, I attended a talk by an incoming university president who, in this talk, painted a picture of the transformation he foresaw—the lofty goals, plans, and programs he wanted to implement at the university. A few months later, I heard that he was fired. When I spoke to some of the faculty, they agreed “he was all talk… he really didn’t know what he was doing… no leadership there.”

Unfortunately, many individuals attain positions of leadership because they look good (like a leader), and they say the right things, but when it comes to substance, there’s no there there. That can really drive employees crazy!

What do good leaders look like?

  • They achieve results and don’t drive their employees/team members crazy in the process.
  • They empower and work with followers to get things done.
  • Through the empowerment process, they develop followers’ leadership capacity.
  • They leave the followers, the team, and the organization better off than when they began leading.

Written By Ronald E. Riggio

Originally Appeared In Psychology Today

Having to deal with a bad boss day in and day out can be really irritating and anger-inducing. Anyone who is bad at being leaders, and always focus on ordering people around, can never be a good boss. After all, being a boss doesn’t mean dominating people, it means to work along with your subordinates in harmony.

If you want to know more about how a bad boss can drive you crazy, then check this video out below:

Bad Leadership Behaviors Destroy Organisations Pin
Top 10 Bad Leadership Behaviors That Destroy Organisations
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