Does He Have A Secret Crush On You? 45 Subtle Signs To Know

Secret Crush Subtle Signs Know

22. He’s always trying to help. 

Guys want to show off that they’re dependable and can provide for your needs. He might just be trying to be a good friend when he offers to drop you home or install your AC unit, or he could be trying to tell you that he cares. 

23. You can see his hands.

This is another way guys show they are open and receptive of your affection. If his hands are stuffed in his pockets or behind his back, he’s not interested. 

24. He touches his throat.

The throat represents communication and vulnerability. It can also be a place people touch as a form of self-soothing when they’re nervous.

Watch to notice if he adjusts his collar or tie in order to calm himself in your presence. If he does then he has crush on you.

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25. Your palms touch when you hold hands.

Holding hands, in general, is a pretty good sign, but if he’s keeping his hand loose or arched, he’s holding back. Touching palms or interlocking fingers is a much better sign. 

26. His voice softens when he talks to you. 

This is especially good if he’s usually loud in group settings. If he speaks slowly and more gently to you than he does to others, this shows he’s trying to let his guard down and be vulnerable around you. 

27. He doesn’t check his phone.

This is kind of just basic etiquette, but since we’re all addicted to our phones these days, if he’s willing to ditch social media when you’re together, it shows he cares.

If you’re on a date, you better hope the phone is on silent and out of sight if you want to be sure he’s interested. 

28. He minimizes all interruptions. 

Since the phone thing is more polite than romantic, another way of gauging how much he likes you is based on how little he gets distracted when you’re with him.

He shouldn’t be interrupting you to tell you his meal tastes bad or that the bartender just dropped a glass. Obviously, we all get distracted sometimes, but if he isn’t apologizing and letting you continue, he cares more about his own voice than yours. 

29. He tilts his head when you speak. 

Ever notice how puppies lean their heads to the side when they’re trying to focus on a sound?

Men work in a similar way. This shows he’s curious and wants to hear more. 

30. He stares at you.

Men are visual creatures, so even he’s not the best conversationalist, if he’s staring at you it proves you’ve captivated him. Maybe he’s even lost for words because of how you make him feel!

31. His palms get sweaty. 

Anyone who gets stage-fright know that clammy hands are a subtle give-away that your heart is pumping with nerves.

Notice he’s wiping his palms on his pants or feels clammy when you shake hands? You’ve clearly made an impact on him already!

32. He licks his lips.

This sounds odd, but it can be kind of cute, or even seductive, if a guy does this subtly without realizing it.

Studies show that men produce more saliva when they see someone attractive. So, go girl — you’ve got him frothing over you already. 

33. He takes a deep inhale when he sees you. 

Aside from simply needing air, men sometimes do this as a way to puff out their chests and seem broader.

This is a masculine response to the mating process, making himself look more fit and desirable. As primitive as it seems, nature never lies. 

35. He spreads his legs when he’s sitting with you.

Vulgar as it might seem, this is a sign he’s willing to be vulnerable and is also a means of encouraging intimacy. Manspreading isn’t the most attractive thing in the world, but it can signify that he’s trying to open up to you, in every sense of the term. 

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36. He playfully teases you. 

This is a subtle way of flirting that can be hard to read at times, especially if you already have a friendship filled with banter. But joking with you shows that he’s comfortable to let lose around you.

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