Does He Have A Secret Crush On You? 45 Subtle Signs To Know

Secret Crush Subtle Signs Know

10. He looks for your approval.

If he gets a new haircut, does he ask if you like it? When he tells a joke to the group, does he look to see if you’re laughing?

These are signs that he has crush on you because he values your opinion of him or wants to gauge how much you like him.

11. He walks beside you.

If he struts off ahead when you leave a bar together or doesn’t check to see that you’re by his side, it means he cares more about himself than you. Unless he’s rushing to hail a cab back to your place or leading you through a crowd, he should care to keep you close. 

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12. He respects your belongings.

If he can’t carefully hang up your jacket, how is he ever supposed to care for you?

If your friend or date is the kind of guy who knocks your phone off the table and doesn’t pick it up, or kicks your purse when he’s getting up to go to the bathroom, he’s being reckless with your stuff and will be reckless with your heart. 

13. He’s angled towards you. 

This shows that there’s nothing else in the room that he’d rather be looking at than you.

He’s facing towards you like you would if your favorite movie was on the TV. Especially in group scenarios or busy places, look out for him angling his face and shoulders in your direction. 

14. His face gets flushed.

Rule out the obvious first before you get carried away.

Assuming it’s not 100 degrees out or you’re not packed into a stuffy room, his redness and flushed face could mean he has a crush on you. This is a natural adrenaline response when we’re around someone who makes our heart race. 

15. He copies you. 

Obviously, we don’t want a guy to mimic us in a mocking way, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Watch to see if he matches his tone to yours, or shift his posture when you do. This is a subconscious thing we do when we admire someone.  

16. He grooms himself for you. 

Have you noticed he’s been dressing better since you started hanging out? Or does he fix his hair when he sees you walk into the room?

This could mean he’s trying to present the best, most attractive version of himself for you because he has crush on you. 

17. He touches you a lot.

Provided this is done in an affectionate, non-creepy way, this is a sure sign he likes you.

Have you noticed him touch your back to let you walk through the door? Pick lint off your sweater? Playful tap you when he’s laughing at your jokes? These are all subtle ways to be more physically intimate with you.

18. He twitches when you’re around.

If you see him tapping his leg or shuffling from foot to foot when you’re talking, it could mean he really has to go to the toilet. But it could also mean he’s nervous around you because he likes you.

Make sure he still seems attentive even while fidgeting, otherwise it’s possible he’s impatient and disinterested. 

19. He shows up everywhere. 

Have you noticed he’s started showing up at more group nights out? Or is frequenting your favorite coffee spot that you told him about?

This is a sign he wants to see you. Stalking isn’t flattering, but if you like him back, it’s a compliment to know he’s making an effort to run into you. 

20. He gravitates towards you. 

Aside from just showing up to places you hang out, have you noticed him trying to have more interactions with you when you’re together? Maybe he always goes with you to get another round from the bar or find excuses to come to your desk at work.

These are all signs he’s trying to build a closer bond with you because he has crush on you. 

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21. He wants to know your relationship status.

Guys have lots of subtle ways of figuring out if you’re open to dating. He might quiz your friends about your relationship status or ask you where your boyfriend is tonight.

Take this as a good sign because if he didn’t see you as a potential partner, why would he care if you were taken? 

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