15 Warning Signs Your Boyfriend Has Insecurity Issues

Insecurities within partners are damaging enough for shaking the roots of trust and affections in relationships. Therefore, these signs indicates your boyfriend has insecurity issues.

Many of us have dealt with shitty boyfriends in the past who were overconfident and too vain to really care about anyone else. This makes any kind of change welcome.

And so, when you finally meet a nice guy who always brings you flowers, takes you out on nice dates, doesn’t take his eyes off you the whole time and who keeps reminding you that he doesn’t really deserve you, you’re swept off your feet.

You think you might have a future together but soon enough, this kind of care and love turns into something like a crazed infatuation where his possessive actions become overwhelming. His company starts feeling exhausting and in fact scary.

There are a lot of men with insecurities out there so watch out for these 15 things that can tell you if your boyfriend is insecure:

1. He doesn’t have any hobbies or buddies outside the relationship.

He doesn’t talk about his coworkers ‘the guys’ and you’re the only person he chills with. Besides his job, he doesn’t pursue any other activity, except being with you or just dreaming about you when he is alone.

2. He believes you are not over your previous relationship.

For no reason at all, he firmly believes that you still love your previous partner, no matter how long it’s been since your break up and no matter how you actually feel about them.

He’s too insecure to believe you can fully care for him so he concludes that you still care for your past lover.

3. Falling in love is way too easy for him.

As soon as you’ve gone on a couple of dates, he is ready to tell you that he is head over heels in love with you.

Initially, you might think that this is adorable but soon enough you’ll realize that the intensity he claims is bizarre because you barely know each other.

4. The intensity of his feelings is a little scary.

He is convinced that nothing means more him than you. You are the reason for his continued existence.

You might feel warm and fuzzy about this in the beginning but the sheer burden of his feelings will get to you at some point as he will completely depend on you to keep him stable.

5. You need to keep reaffirming your feelings.

He has very little confidence in himself so he’ll keep asking you if you love him and will be desperate for any sort of appreciation.

But even when you tell him that you love him or try to compliment him, he won’t accept that you mean what you say.

6. He’s extremely possessive of you.

You hanging out with friends or colleagues, especially men, can set him off. He’ll keep messaging or calling to see what you’re up to when he is not there.

You might be pleased with the attention at first but it will soon become annoying as you can’t spend time with people who make you happy.

7. He blackmails you.

He’ll constantly try to make you prove your loyalty to him by pretending to end the relationship. He’ll go on about how he doesn’t feel like you truly care for him or want him.

He’s hoping that you will be manipulated into pleading with him to not leave. It will get so bad that one day you will actually just tell him to get out.

8. He constantly complains about his previous relationships.

All his stories about his old relationships will be about how none of his partners actually cared about him. He’ll say that they simply used him and then dumped him when someone better came along.

Take all these stories with a grain of salt otherwise, you might stay with him just because you pity him.

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