The 4 Sigma Male Zodiac Signs: Are You A Sigma Male?

Sigma Male Zodiac Signs

Do you know who are the Sigma male zodiac signs? Read on to know what is a Sigma male personality and who are the zodiac guys with Sigma male traits!

What Is Sigma Male Personality?

In popular culture, the Sigma male definition describes a particular type of man who is characterized by his success, popularity, and need for being self-reliant. Such men are also referred to as lone wolves.

Traits of the Sigma male include:

  • They’re typically loners
  • They have a great deal of self-confidence
  • They believe they don’t have to follow the social norms to get ahead in life
  • They don’t give a damn about the conventional socio-sexual power hierarchy

Similarly, there are 4 zodiac signs whose male natives quite fit the mold of the Sigma Male. These sigma male zodiac signs are self-dependent and aloof and reflect all the other qualities that are often associated with the lone wolf Sigmas.

So, who’re these zodiac Sigma males? Without any more delay let’s find out the 4 zodiac Sigma men and what makes them fit the bill.

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4 Sigma Male Zodiac Signs: Zodiac Men With Sigma Male Traits

Here’re the zodiacs who are Sigma males in nature:

1. Leo Men (July 23 – August 22)

Many would argue that Leos crave attention, so they can’t be one of the Sigma male zodiac signs. But that’s not entirely true!

Leos command attention and it’s a natural part of their charm that wherever they go, they come under the spotlight. So, they become habituated to being the center of attention.

And only when they bump into someone who tries to play mind games with them or mess with their head by ignoring them deliberately, Leos kind of lose their s**t, ergo earning the reputation of being an attention seeker.

A Leo in their element knows what they want. They’re clear about their priorities and expectations. They’re particular about their beliefs and principles and have their own code of morality. When they set their mind on something, they can be quite adamant about it.

Furthermore, they’re firm believers in living their life on their own terms, and no one, and by no one, we mean NO ONE can change their minds or make them compromise on their values.

As much as they wear their hearts on their sleeves, they believe in following their heart’s desire. And they couldn’t care less if that hurts someone else’s interest or what others think about their way of life.

It’s natural for a Leo, especially a Leo man to put his needs above others and make choices based on their own preferences; even if that means walking alone on a solitary path, they’re fine as long as they’re doing what they want!

2. Scorpio Men (October 23 – November 21)

Now, this is an easy one. Scorpio men are visibly one of the Sigma male zodiac signs who make it a point to prove that they don’t need nobody, in their everyday life.

Anyone who has seen a Scorpio man up close knows that this zodiac Sigma male is self-assured and driven by his personal goals. Scorpio men are so focused that they’re often labeled as selfish or conceited.

However, that’s another zodiac myth. Scorpios, being water sign natives are extremely emotional and sensitive. And they get hurt a LOT. So, a time comes in the life of every Scorpio, when they chose to protect their heart and prioritize their own well-being.

This makes Scorpio men appear heartless and cold, whereas they’re just sick and tired of getting their hearts broken over and over. Nonetheless, self-love eventually makes them oblivious to the people around them.

And as they have experienced vulnerability at their core, they get obsessed with power and authority. So, we see Scorpio men being the hard taskmasters, difficult neighbors, controlling partners, etc.

But, intrinsically, they don’t like to be around people. They would prefer to mind their own business and play by their own rules. They would never bow down to unfair pressure or emotional manipulation, even if the whole world misunderstands them. 

3. Sagittarius Men (November 22 – December 21)

Sag men are often seen as carefree and free-spirited fellows who’re on good terms with everyone. You would hardly see a Sagittarius being nasty or mean to anyone. On the contrary, they’re very helpful and can be seen going out of their way to help out a stranger.

So, you would think how on earth can they be one of the Sigma male zodiac signs? We’ll tell you how! Sag guys are friends with everyone because….they’re friends with none!

That’s right! This zodiac who resembles Sigma male is a symbol of detached compassion. Natives of this sign, especially the men like to be nice to everyone, but not get involved too deeply with anyone.

They hate growing roots or people getting too much dependent on them, at least emotionally. Sag men like to keep it casual, simple, and superficial.

They will be there as a friend or a well-wisher if you are in trouble for sure, but don’t make the mistake of depending on them or expecting too much from them.

Independence and the freedom to be on their own are prized attributes of life for a typical Sag man. He doesn’t like to be told what he should do and hates authority or tyranny.  

They like to stay happy-go-lucky and despise conflict. That’s why they’re nice to others all the time. But if you get too clingy, they’ll choose their own happiness and leave you in a heartbeat.

4. Capricorn Men (December 22 – January 19)

Last, but not least among the Sigma male zodiac signs, comes the stoic, reserved, and silent Capricorn men. They’re a bit different from the other Sigma male zodiac signs. Capricorn guys don’t like to exert their dominance over others, nor do they want others to follow their example.

Cap men just do what THEY feel is right. They keep their head down and go about their business every day. So, does this mean they are dispassionate?

Well, yes and no! Capricorn men feel emotions quite intensely, but they just don’t know how to express those feelings. They care too deeply about everything, be it their job, their relationships, or their financial security.

They overthink and worry a lot! This rumination and anxiety-based obsessions take up so much space in their head, that they have no time to resolve or process their overwhelming emotions.

They think only if they’re ready, only if they do everything that needs to be done, and only if they work hard, they can keep things under control or prevent bad things from happening.

So, they just do what their logical reasoning tells them to do. They strategize and plan and take care of all the loopholes. But in the process, they become mechanical and emotionally distant, from their loved ones.

However, this methodical approach generally bodes well with their work life and quite often Capricorn men become successful professionals in their respective fields. 

So, that was all about the Sigma male meaning and the Sigma male star signs. We hope you could agree with our listing of zodiac guys with Sigma male traits.

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Do you think you can add to the list of Sigma male zodiacs? Are you a Sigma male? Don’t forget to share your view about our article on Sigma male zodiac signs by commenting down below!

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