3 Ways You Can Indulge In Self-Care While Social Distancing

Ways You Can Indulge In SelfCare While Social Distancing

Often, self-care is easier said than done. Self-care can be tricky, particularly when facing a pandemic. However, this global crisis makes self-care crucial. While it may be tempting to neglect self-care during this time, over time you can decreases sleep, relationship satisfaction, self-esteem, empathy, and compassion. Ongoing exposure to stress without proper coping can put you at risk for serious consequences such as depression and heart disease. Instead of neglecting your self-care during this time, shift your focus to adapting and be kind to yourself as you adjust.

Self-care is imperative for inherent happiness and satisfaction and should always be a part of your daily routine. But in a situation like this, it is crucial that you adjust your self-care keeping in mind the social distancing measures. This will help you take better care of your mental health, it will also shield you from this deadly virus.

If you want to know more about how you can indulge in self-care while social distancing, then check this video out below: 

Written By Shainna Ali

Originally Appeared In Psychology Today

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