12 Dark Secrets Behind The K-Pop Industry: Unleash The Other Side Of The Glitz and Glamour!


Dark Secrets Behind Kpop Culture

Are you among the millions of people who are fascinated by the glamorous K-Pop culture?  Wish to know what’s behind all the glitz and glamor of K-Pop?

K-Pop has taken the world by storm with its catchy songs, dazzling performances, and gorgeous idols. From BTS to Blackpink, K-Pop groups have taken the music scene by storm and amassed a substantial global following.

But behind the glittering exterior of the K-Pop industry lies a dark and shocking reality. From grueling training regimes to harsh contracts and even scandalous rumors, there is much more to the K-Pop industry than meets the eye. 

In this blog, we will be exposing the dark side of K-Pop that will leave you stunned.

Celebrities in the K-Pop industry

What Are The Darkest Secrets Of The K-Pop Industry

While many K-Pop artists are known for their talent and hard work, some have shared stories of the hardship they face behind the scenes.

What is the dark side of K-Pop?

Here, we will discuss 12 dark secrets behind the K-Pop industry that many fans are unaware of. So, let’s start exploring the not-so-pleasant side of the K-Pop industry.

1. Intense Training Regime

The road to becoming a K-Pop star is long and arduous, and it starts with intense training regimes. K-Pop trainees can spend years training for hours on end, perfecting their singing, dancing, and acting skills. 

During this time, they often have very little time to rest, socialize, pursuing their interests. This process is not only physically demanding but also emotionally and mentally draining. 

The pressure to succeed is immense, and those who don’t make the cut are often left feeling discouraged and defeated. 

And once they debut, they may have to adhere to strict rules, and schedules and their personal lives may be closely monitored and controlled by their agencies.

2. Harsh Contracts

Once a trainee becomes a K-Pop idol, they must sign a contract with their management company. These contracts can last up to 13 years and are often incredibly restrictive. 

Idols are not allowed to date, have personal lives, or even express their opinions on certain topics. The contracts also give the management companies complete control over the idols’ lives and careers.

This can result in minimal artistic freedom, grueling schedules, and little control over their own lives.

3. Scandalous Rumors

K-Pop stars are under constant scrutiny and are often the subject of scandalous rumors. These rumors can range from dating rumors to plastic surgery rumors, and they can have a devastating effect on an idol’s reputation and career. 

In some cases, management companies have even fabricated rumors to create a buzz around their idols.

For instance, Sulli, the former member of the K-Pop group f(x) was often the subject of negative rumors and comments online. She even raised her voice against the issue, but unfortunately passed away in 2019.

4. Eating Disorders

The pressure to maintain a certain image in the K-Pop industry can lead to the development of eating disorders. 

Many idols feel the need to be thin and attractive, and some go to extreme lengths to achieve this, such as skipping meals or engaging in dangerous diets. 

Eating Disorders Is One of the Bad Practices in the K-Pop Industry

The unhealthy relationship with food can take a toll on their health and well-being. It also inscribed as the dark side of  the K-Pop idols

5. Exhaustion and Burnout

K-Pop idols are under constant pressure to perform and entertain, and this can lead to exhaustion and burnout. 

Idols are often required to work long hours, perform multiple shows a day, and participate in various promotional activities.

BTS Kim Taehyung aka (V) have been burnout.

The relentless schedule can take a toll on their physical and mental health, and some idols have even been hospitalized due to exhaustion.

In 2019, Kim Taehyung (V) of BTS suffered from exhaustion and burnout due to the group’s hectic schedule. He opened up about his struggles and the importance of self-care.

6. Cyber Bullying And Harassment

K-Pop idols are also vulnerable to cyberbullying and harassment from fans and haters. The comments and messages they receive can be hurtful and damaging, and in some cases, can even lead to depression and anxiety.

Management companies often try to suppress these incidents to protect the image of their idols, but the impact on the idols themselves can be profound.

Several idols have shared emotional accounts of the ruinous effects of cyberbullying, highlighting the need for greater awareness and prevention of such harmful behavior in online communities.

Cyberbullying takes a toll on the mental health of the artists of the K-Pop industry

7. Sexualization Of Idols

K-Pop idols are often sexualized and objectified, and this can be a source of immense pressure and discomfort for them. This is one of the K-Pop secrets which addressed the toxic fan-pleasing culture in the industry.

K-Pop idols are expected to be attractive and alluring, and their bodies are scrutinized by fans and the media. Some female idols have even been pressured to wear revealing clothing or engage in suggestive performances. 

For example, K-Pop idol Han Seo Hee has spoken out about the sexism and abuse she faced in the industry.

8. Toxic Shipping Culture

Shipping culture, where fans imagine romantic relationships between idols, has become increasingly prevalent in K-pop, with many fans obsessively promoting and defending their preferred “ships” online.

This can have negative effects on idols’ mental health, as the pressure to conform to fans’ desires and constant scrutiny of their personal lives can be overwhelming.

Some idols like Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung of BTS have reported receiving hate comments and even death threats from fans who disapprove of their real-life relationship.

9. No Privacy

K-Pop’s dark sides include the industry’s lack of privacy for its idols, who are often subject to intense inspection and surveillance by their management and fans. 

For example, idols’ schedules, personal lives, and even their physical appearance are closely monitored and controlled, leaving little room for their privacy.

This constant invasion of personal space and privacy can have a detrimental effect on the mental health of idols leading to anxiety, depression, and burnout.

10. Pressure To Maintain Perfection

K-Pop artists are expected to be perfect at all times, both on and off stage. They must maintain a certain level of physical fitness, have flawless skin, and always look their best. 

This pressure to maintain perfection can be incredibly overwhelming, and many artists report feeling like they are under constant scrutiny. 

In the K-Pop industry, idols who do not conform to strict beauty standards are often subjected to harsh criticism from online communities, highlighting the influence of societal beauty norms in the industry.

11. Exploitation Of Artists

Unfortunately, many K-Pop artists are exploited by their management companies. They are often paid very little for their work and are given limited opportunities to make money from their music. 

This can result in many artists living in poverty, even as their songs are topping the charts.  

Female idols in the K-Pop industry are at risk of sexual exploitation, with some being pressured into performing provocative acts or engaging in relationships with powerful industry figures.

Such exploitation can have severe and long-lasting effects on an idol’s mental health, including feelings of shame, guilt, and trauma.

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12. High Rates Of Depression And Suicide

In the industry of K-Pop, the mental health of the artist often get unnoticed. K-Pop artists are under immense pressure to succeed, with many of them facing intense competition from other artists. 

This pressure can lead to intense competition and a cut-throat mentality, which can be incredibly damaging to the mental health and well-being of the artists.

Many artists report feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with the same. Unfortunately, the intense pressure that K-Pop artists face can lead to high rates of depression and suicide.

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The K-Pop stars who died by suicide, such as Jonghyun of SHINee and Goo Hara of Kara have shed light on the K-Pop idols’ mental illness pressing the need for improved mental health awareness in the industry.

Now, after knowing the inside story, you may wonder why is the K-Pop industry so bad.

Well, the K-Pop industry is not just about music and entertainment. Behind the scenes, many K-Pop’s dark secrets are hidden from the public eye.

From the intense training process and the pressure to maintain a certain image to the scandals involving drugs and abuse, the K-Pop industry can be a harsh and unforgiving place. 

However, despite the dark side of the K-Pop industry, the industry continues to grow and gain popularity worldwide. Fans are still captivated by the music and the performances, and K-Pop groups continue to dominate the charts. 

Is K-Pop industry toxic?

The K-Pop industry has been criticized for its high-pressure work environment, intense competition, and strict control over artists, leading to concerns about the mental and physical health of performers.

Which K-pop idol has mental health issues?

Many K-Pop idols have spoken out about their mental health struggles, including BTS” Suga, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, EXO’s Baekhyun, and TWICE’S Mina, among others.

Does BTS talk about mental health?

Yes, They even gave a speech on mental health at UNICEF.

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