11 Warning Signs That Your Relationship Might Be Making You Depressed


8. You Can Hardly Remember The Last Time You Had A Good Time Together:

In a relationship, it is essential to spend some quality time with each other. However, if it turns out to be otherwise, it is a sort of great misery to both the couples.

If you cannot remember the last date you had gone to or the last time you had a sensual moment in bed, your relationship is at its stake.


9. You Are Concerned About Where This Relationship Is Going To:

There was a time when you could confidently say that nobody or nothing can ever break the two of you apart. At present, however, are you hesitating to say the same thing?

If yes, then you must realize that this doubtful opinion of yours is a true indication that your relationship is coming to end.


10. Your Partner Does Not Consider Your Opinion:

In spite of trying constantly, sometimes, you see that your partner is hardly giving importance to your ideas, unlike the golden days in which your ideas mattered a lot to him or her before coming to a particular decision.

If so, then this means that you have to be mentally prepared to break up because the day is not far away.


11. You Need Someone To Talk You:

There was a time when you could share anything and everything with your partner because of which you did not have to talk to an outsider to feel better.

However, do you feel a void growing day by day in your relationship? And, do you feel that this void can be shrunken only by talking to someone matured enough to handle and take care of you like your partner used to do when you both were going strong and steady?


If you do need someone to fill that void, there is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, you must seek the help of a person who would be able to pull you up from the state of depression that you are entering into because of the failure of your relationship.

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11 Warning Signs That Your Relationship Might Be Making You Depressed