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Addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, computer games, or cigarettes can severely affect the life of a person negatively. It can also hurt the people around an individual. However, a person can overcome addiction to low its effects on them and other people.

Decide to Change

When battling an addiction, only an individual can decide to change. Quitting the use of the addictive substance is generally a gradual process. In some cases, the person trying to quit using the addictive substance makes several attempts.

Unpleasant withdrawal symptoms are the reasons why many people calling substance abuse help hotline number when trying to fight addiction. That’s because these symptoms are sometimes life-threatening. Withdrawal comprises of the reactions that may accompany the move to give up on the addictive substance. These numbers are manned by professionals that understand the challenges faced by individuals that want to quit their use of addictive substances. They provide guidance and recommendations for the resources the individuals can use to end their addiction.

Though withdrawal can be challenging, it’s not a reason to give up on the effort to quit. It’s easy to quit when a person gets support and prepare for challenges. What’s more, a person should set goals based on their reason to quit using the addictive substance before they try.

Reach Out for Support

Before you quit using the addictive substance, talk to a health professional, your doctor, or a counselor. You can even call a drug addiction hotline number to seek advice from professionals. Let them know that you have decided to quit using the addictive substance. Talk to them honestly and seek their views.

You can also get support from a family member or a friend. Several online platforms can also provide support. Currently, there are online forums that bring together people that are battling addiction and former addicts together. These can provide tips, hints, and the guidance you need to overcome addiction.

Remember that research has shown that substance abuse is closely linked to mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. Some people start using alcohol and drugs to self-medicate symptoms of mental health conditions. Eventually, this leads to addiction to alcohol and drugs. When some drugs are used for a long time, they can cause psychotic reactions.

Talking to a doctor can help because they can refer a person to the fight facility that treats both the addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions.

Learn About Addiction Treatment

Currently, people with an addiction problem can get different services and treatments. Type and extent of addiction are some of the factors that influence the suitability of treatment.

Some of the services and treatments for addiction that are available today include:

  • Detoxification, withdrawal, and addiction rehabilitation
  • Counseling
  • Medicines like those administered to reduce cravings
  • Relaxation therapies
  • Peer support that may include Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Family support for caregivers and families which can include people assisting an individual with ice addiction

For caregivers, career associations can provide help and counseling to respite care providers in certain territories or states.

Dealing with Stress in Healthy Ways

A major reason why some people use alcohol or drugs until they become addicts is the assumption that these substances help them cope with stress. Unfortunately, they eventually become dependent on these substances to the extent of calling addiction help hotline numbers seeking assistance. Addiction can even end up being stressful than the stressors a person tries to deal with when they start drinking alcohol or using drugs.

Here are some of the healthy ways a person can cope with stress:

  • Exercising
  • Relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation
  • Spending time with friends
  • Sleeping well and eating healthily
  • Cognitive-behavior therapy that can change how a person thinks

Cravings, Triggers, and Being in Control

Research has shown that stress is a risk factor when it comes to addiction development and relapse vulnerability. However, many triggers can also lead to relapse. Knowing these triggers in advance can help a person remain in control when trying to overcome addiction. For instance, a person that wants to quit drinking or smoking can avoid some people or situations. These can be people or situations that prompt them to drink alcohol or smoke. It’s not easy to avoid every trigger. As such, the individual that wants to quit their use of the addictive substance should manage their cravings.

A good way to do this is finding something to distract you. But, deep breathing and relaxation techniques can equally help when it comes to managing cravings. Other ways of managing cravings and avoiding triggers include exercising, listening to music, calling or talking to someone. It’s also important to have something that reminds a person that they are quitting their use of the addictive substance.

What’s more, always remember that cravings come and go. Thus, they are not permanent.

Relapse Should Hinder the Achievement of the Set Goals

It’s normal for a person with an addiction to relapse. In some cases, people relapse after calling a drug hotline number, getting the necessary guidance and help to undergo treatment. So, relapsing should not make you feel inferior or weak. It’s a normal part of the general withdrawal process. Therefore, don’t stop trying to beat your addiction just because of a relapse.

Build a Meaningful Sober Life

Life can seem boring once a person quit using the addictive substance they are used to having in their body system. But, a person must learn to live without the addictive substance to overcome their substance use disorder. There are many ways to build a meaningful sober life. For instance, a recovering addict can set goals and have things they can always look forward to. They can also do the things that make them happy and those with a meaning in life.

What’s more, a recovering addict should establish relationships with people that have been through the same experience. They can also try challenging hobbies or do some volunteer work. Healthy eating, regular exercise, and quality sleep can also make a person that is recovering from addiction feel better.

The Bottom Line

Recovering from addiction is a lifelong journey than can start by calling a rehab number. But, the most important thing is to personally decide to beat addiction. Setting goals and being focused and determined to accomplish them is also important. What’s more, a person needs support and healthy ways to cope with stress to overcome addiction.

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