I am Nothing…

I am Nothing...

I am Nothing

But a lonely Soul

In search of peace

I search of wisdom

In search of Me

In search of a Way

To go back

To my Creator

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You Left Me Standing In The Brink Of Despair

You left me standing in the brink of despair

You left me standing in the brink of despair.To me no one or nothing could ever compare.My tortured heart will still go on, even if the love is gone..You never really left.A tortured heart is a slow dying death.

– Debra Pry

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I Used To Find Peace In You

I used to find peace in you

I used to find peace in youNot until you shattered my heart.Whenever we cross paths,My heart begins to ache.Your presence irritates my demon.

– Pauline Ebijimi 

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I Always Feel My Words Before I Express Them

I always feel my words before I express them

I always feel my words before I express them.So easily for it to be conveyed.But suddenly, my words couldn’t hold water.It is beginning to fade away.I am on a free lance.

– Pauline Ebijimi

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Time Ticking

Time Ticking

World spins, time ticks byJust flow with the rhythm’s tideLife’s dance, don’t ask why

– Shobhna Kanwar

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The Eyes Is Filled With Thousands Of Words

The eyes is filled with thousands of words

The eyes is filled with thousands of words.Where people are been kept captive,Where dreams die.Soaked with an ocean of tears and with a voice begging to be heard.The eyes have an entire universe in them.

– Pauline Ebijimi

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You’re My Treasure

You are My Treasure

Memories fluttered in, like delicate butterfliesMoments with you, fleeting, a whisper in timeGone in a breath, like a fleeting dreamA glimpse of forever, lost in the stream

In that short moment, we danced in the lightLaughter and love, a symphony so brightBut like all things, it had to endLeaving me longing, my heart to mend

The memories came by, and just flew awayA precious gift, in the blink of a dayI’ll cherish that moment, forever in my mindA treasure to hold, a rare find.

– Shobhna Kanwar

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When The Moon And The Sun Start To Kiss

When the moon and the sun start to kiss

When the moon and the sun start to kiss, they align with an eclipse in a darkness of bliss.The planets will Peak and not be found as playing a game and becoming Spellbound.When the light meets the dark a shadow will cast, The world would be together in Peace & Harmony at last. – Debra Pry