Shobhna Kanwar


She Was The Only Seed

She Was The Only Seed They buried her, Not knowing She was the only seed,

Into The Woods

Into the Woods, The darkness inside Don’t scare me anymore. The silence of it, Doesn’t kill me anymore. I live the unknown, Of these woods,

Best Shot

Best Shot You’re are the best, Strongest shot I ever had. Like champagne and whisky Vodka and tequila, Dancing in my mind All together,

I Will Live In Vain

I will live in vain, In the miseries of pain, Till the last leaf falls. As I ‘m responsible for My own destruction, And for the resurrection.

Be The Helping Hand

Be The Helping Hand Sometimes you can’t take the rain away from a person’s life. But instead, you can be their umbrella for the time being till it stops,

She Is The Moon

She is the moon Hiding in the dark But once she will shine The stars will lose its luster She is the mystery Of the universe That will unbind


Resolve the conflicts of your mind, to dissolve the conflicts outside of it.

That Girl

That Girl Her eyes were filled With a thousand things The day I met her, Which were left unspoken. Her face was numb, But still had many Thoughts

Last Mistake

The wind blows Through my head, Blowing out The thousand thoughts. The golden moment, Of our innocent love. The childish play, The last mistake.

The Girl From Nowhere

The Girl From Nowhere She was the ocean, Dangerously addictive, Beautiful as hell. Even if she’s chaos, Or whenever she’s calm, Either way,

You Were The Light

You were the light, In my life. But you shined so bright, That it turns out to be, the darkness instead.

Finding Self

Finding Self Isolating for a while, In a cocoon of mine, For self resuscitation. And one day like a butterfly, I will fly in freedom