Rabbit 2018 Chinese Horoscope And Feng Shui Predictions



Rabbit 2018 Luck Horoscope

Recently, one has been worrying unnecessarily over one’s career because of job security in the present employment. Rest assured, for one will be able to find another job within a short spell IF one is ever made redundant.

As long as one continues to work diligently and stands up to any challenge encountered, then one’s future will be bright. Like the popular saying: “Help oneself and one will be saved”.


Rabbit horoscope 2018 horoscope by date of birth

Year of the Wood Rabbit: 1975 (Feb. 11, 1975 – Jan. 30, 1976)

One will encounter lots of failure before seeing success. There will be evil characters around. You must work hard and solve all those problems that you encounter. Couples will have lots of quarrels. You must have them settled as soon as possible. Think twice before proceeding. Never do things in a short cut manner.


Year of the Water Rabbit: 1963 (Jan. 25, 1963 – Feb. 12, 1964)

Business is progressing tremendously for you in the year of the Earth Dog but when you achieve higher status, others will gossip. They’re only jealous. This is the truth that one must accept. When socializing, one must not have extra-marital-affairs.


Year of the Metal Rabbit: 1951 (Feb. 06, 1951 – Jan. 26, 1952)

Wealth luck is shining on you but there will be lots of expenditure too. Use money wisely. Try to save more, as it will do you good. Luck is considered not bad for you but you must also be aware of your partner’s health as some old illness may re-occur. Married couples tend to get into quarrels over trivial matters, try to give in more to others.


Year of the Earth Rabbit: 1999 (Feb. 16, 1999 – Feb. 04, 2000)

Students must concentrate on their studies. You may have a partner but the relationship won’t last long. Those who like outdoor activities must be careful of getting injured. You should listen more to advice given by older generations. You may lose wealth and get sick. Females are advised not to stay out too late.


Year of the Fire Rabbit: 1987 (Jan. 29, 1987 – Feb. 16, 1988)

Those who intend to start a new business may proceed with their plans. If you get a business partner, the most important thing is, TRUST! Never be a guarantor or lend money to others else you’ll lose wealth. This year, you may be involved in court cases because of commercial traps.


Quick Facts about people born in the Year of the  Rabbit

A person born under the rabbit sign is one of peace and kindness. They possess graciousness where it is due and are pretty conservative people. He wants things to go smoothly in life with no chaotic events or boy-girl son-in-laws. Wishing only tranquility in his family and home he stays reserved while eating a home-cooked breakfast reading the morning paper.

The rabbit person can be pessimistic and insecure but he is mostly a very emotional and compassionate soul, crying very easily at the most sensitive situations.

Rabbits are most compatible with pigs and dragons.

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Rabbit 2018 Chinese Horoscope And Feng Shui Predictions

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