Ox 2018 Chinese Horoscope And Feng Shui Predictions

Ox 2018 Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui Predictions

Chinese Horoscope 2018 of the Zodiac sign Ox during the Year of the Earth Dog 2018 by The Chinese Zodiac.org

The Ox is the 2nd of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac. Your “Chinese zodiac animal is Ox” if you are born in of these years: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021. The following are the twelve zodiac signs: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.

The Ox Chinese horoscope 2018 predicts that in order to amplify the good celestial influences of the year and lessen the negative impacts, it will be in your best interests to take stock of your life and to hatch out new projects. Every time you have confidence in yourself and show yourself to be enterprising and innovative, luck will smile upon you.

Ox 2018 Chinese Horoscope And Feng Shui Predictions

But on the contrary, if you don’t try to change what goes awry in your life and if you make do with an unsatisfactory routine, then luck will turn its back on you.


Feng Shui Forecast 2018 for OX

The Earth Dog year promises to be a beneficial one for the Ox natives, much better than year 2017. Increase your chances of career advancement with the help of Feng Shui statues for prosperity. The pair-statues, for example, Chi Lin or Fu Dogs, will ensure your success in love and you can maintain your health with the help of Wu Lou. Pi Yao, which can be found as an ornament, is the one that will protect you throughout 2018.


Ox 2018 Chinese Love horoscope

This period will certainly be a memorable one. You’ll be relaxed and feel good about yourself, and this beautiful balance will have happy repercussions on your love life.

You’ll have the desire to strengthen the ties that bind you to your mate and to build a more solid union as time goes on, and the circumstances will give you the opportunity to do it.

Ox 2018 Chinese Horoscope And Feng Shui Predictions

As for you single folks, the period might very well mark the beginning of a great passion, a passion that will transform itself into a durable love that could incite you to sacrifice your dear freedom. In other words, there’ll be marriage in the air!


You’ll be spared sentimental storms, and you can savor delicious moments of recreation and well-being next to the person you love. This romantic harmony will also provide you with a profound sense of balance and peace. Single natives, you’ll live a madly romantic period.

You should also have a decisive encounter that will agreeably transform your life.


Pleasure and well-being reign! You’ll feel good about yourself, and your relationship with your mate will be more harmonious because of it. You’ll communicate your optimism to him or her, and you’ll subtly encourage this person to look at the positive side of every situation.

Also, the amorous understanding between you two will be excellent. In short, it will be good to live by your side. If you’re free, you’ll feel fed up with single life.

Don’t worry, for you should experience great love this time.


You may be slightly demanding in love; try not to ask too much of the person who safeguards your heart. You aren’t always so easy to live with, either!

During this time, you can expect faithfulness and long-term commitment to triumph. Those of you who wish to live in a stable and authentic relationship will, therefore, be fully satisfied.


Ox 2018 Money & Finance Horoscope

Might cause some concern for those having a substantial investment in the share market. The uncertainty in the market performance is going to continue for a while before it dies down later in the year. Hence be wise! For those in a career, one should be careful with one’s new environment at work, for others are also not certain of their own.

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