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The 12 Stages Of Burnout

The 12 Stages Of Burnout

The 12 Stages Of Burnout

Stage 1 – You feel there is a strong need to prove yourself

Stage 2 – You keep working harder and harder to achieve this

Stage 3 – You begin to neglect your own needs more

Stage 4 – You are conflicted and blame others or the situation

Stage 5 – You change your values to focus on work more

Stage 6 – You deny the problems that arise due to work stress

Stage 7 – You withdraw from social life and your family as well

Stage 8 – Your behavior changes which upsets your loved ones

Stage 9 – Depersonalization happens, you do not feel like yourself

Stage 10 – You feel empty and numb, substance abuse can occur

Stage 11 – You feel depressed, lost and completely exhausted

Stage 12 – You mentally and physically collapse, full burnout

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