Relationship Honoring Vs. Relationship Betrayals

Relationship Honoring Vs Relationship Betrayals

Relationship Honoring:

  1. Each person’s boundaries are respected
  2. Difficult conversations are not avoided
  3. You work as a team, and there’s a balance of power
  4. Actions match words, and promises are honored
  5. There’s a safe space to be vulnerable and authentic
  6. You can disagree with each other respectfully
  7. You uplift and help each other grow

Relationship Betrayals:

  1. Taking you for granted and ignoring your needs
  2. Being lied to / spoken down to / disrespected
  3. Not standing up for you in front of friends/family
  4. Keeping financial information hidden
  5. Consistently failing to follow through on promises
  6. Sharing your secrets with others without approval
  7. Using your vulnerabilities against you.

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