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Positive Traits Of People With BPD

Positive Traits Of People With BPD

Positive Traits Of People With BPD

Individuality: People with BPD strongly cultivate their individualism and enjoy applying their abilities to new tasks.

Curious: People with BPD are curious about anything and everything, therefore taking more interest in people and their interests.

Passionate: People with BPD experience extreme intensity of passion when they find something that interests them.

Spontaneous: People with BPD practice “The Art Of Living In The Moment”…doing whatever it is they feel they want to do in the moment. Being free.

Creative: ‘Having the ability to create’…People with BPD are creative in their thinking and doing.

Empathetic and Compassionate: Empathy is the capacity to recognize and to some extent, share feelings (such as happiness or sadness) that are being experienced by another. People with BPD have super empathy and can have a lot of compassion for those around them, whether they are feeling high or low.

Insightful: People with BPD have experienced so much pain in their pasts, they are able to draw on those experiences for the present moment via self-awareness, helping themselves and others.

Intense: For most (if not all) people with BPD, every moment of life is experienced at extreme intensity, experiencing life to the fullest with both the highs and lows.

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