People are Wondering Why I’m Single

People are Wondering Why I'm Single

People wondering why I’m single
and don’t take anyone serious,
but every time I focus on somebody
they show me why I’m better off alone.


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  1. Supriya Babbar Avatar

    I have a shitty attitude of seeking answers from a relationship especially romantic and intimate ones. I bring my bag of what’s there to heal …between us and intensely keep seeking my shitty questions and go so deep without even realising that I’m freaking pissing off irritating the other person in the quest of seeking I destroy the fun , the beauty , the laughter , the lightness of the relationship. I go on a different plane all together with my deep shit. that helps neither myself nor the other person. If you resonate with me …this is what I have learnt from all these years and my patterns that….do keep clearing off your deep shit, empty the bag of fundamental questions and then walk up to somebody not for seeking ..but for sharing the beauty of being. for the God damn love of togetherness and not some surreal mystery to be solved. staying light staying in the moment

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