Which Jungian Archetype Are You? QUIZ


Which Jungian Archetype Are You? QUIZ

The concept of archetypes was introduced by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. Where do archetypes come from? Which Jungian Archetype are you? Find out with this quiz!

Jung believed that they come from one’s collective unconscious. He believed that archetypes played a role in determining the personality type of a person. He believed that most people were dominated by one specific archetype. He also suggested that archetypes are inborn tendencies that are inherited and play a crucial role in influencing human behaviour.

Jung identified four major archetypes at the same time and believed that there was no limit to the number that may exist.

The four main Jungian archetypes are as follows:

1. The Persona

The persona is how we present ourselves to the world. The persona represents the different and unique social roles we play among various groups and situations. For example, a woman can play the role of a mother at home, and a boss in his professional life. Both the persona belongs to the same person, but they require a distinct set of skills to function. This persona archetype can appear in dreams and take the form of some other identities.

2. The Shadow

The shadow archetype consists of sex and life instincts. The shadow exists as a part of our unconscious mind and consists of all the repressed conflicts, needs, desires, instincts, and impulses.

3. The Anima or Animus

The anima is a feminine image in the male psyche, and the animus is a male image in the female psyche. The anima/animus represents the “true self” rather than the image formed to conform to the rules and regulations of society. and serves as the primary source of communication with the collective unconscious.

4. The Self

The ‘self’ archetype represents the entire individual as a whole, with his/her unified unconsciousness and consciousness. The ‘self’ archetype integrates the various aspect of personality through the process of individuation. Jung believed that the self archetype represents the unified psyche as a whole.

Other types of archetypes according to Carl Jung are as follows:

  • The father: Authority figure; stern; powerful.
  • The mother: Nurturing; comforting.
  • The child: Longing for innocence; rebirth; salvation.
  • The wise old man: Guidance; knowledge; wisdom.
  • The hero: Champion; defender; rescuer.
  • The maiden: Innocence; desire; purity.
  • The trickster: Deceiver; liar; trouble-maker.

Do you want to find out your archetype? Which one of these archetypes best describes you?

Let’s play this Quiz to find out.

Click Let’s start!

Let us know your results in the comments.

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Jung CG. Structure & Dynamics of the Psyche in The Collected Works of CG Jung. V. 8. Princeton University Press. 1960.
Which Jungian Archetype Are You? QUIZ
Which Jung Archetype Best Describes You? Quiz
Which Jungian Archetype Are You pin
Which Jungian Archetype Are You? QUIZ
Which Jungian Archetype Are You quiz pin
Which Jungian Archetype Are You? QUIZ

37 responses to “Which Jungian Archetype Are You? QUIZ”

  1. Bonnie Avatar

    OMG, mine is The Klutz. It appears from the above comments I am the only one who got this result. I don’t know how this was calculated from my answers but IT IS SO STINKING ACCURATE! lol! I am, and always have been, such a spaz. I don’t think this qualifies as an archetype, but I think it’s hilarious that I got this!

  2. Richard C Curry Avatar

    Mother Theresa? Naw.

  3. Ka Ro Lina Avatar

    The sage 🙂

    1. Terry D. Pickron Avatar

      …I always thought you had great insight…Fabiana…Peace…

  4. andy bishop Avatar

    what my archetype?

  5. Tammy Avatar

    The Sage….my closest friends starting calling me, “Chocolate Sage” a few years back because of these very characteristics and my deep skin tone.

  6. Jean Avatar

    The Sage…as a child I was always described as an old soul or someone older than my years.

  7. Linda Combe Avatar

    The Explorer. The text describing the explorer uses “wondering” when I think the meaning suggests “wandering” in the context of “wandering aimlessly” not “wondering aimlessly”. Just a small point. Interesting game.

  8. Lewis Lafontaine Avatar

    The post above is both a misrepresentation and falsification of Dr. Jung’s work.

    Those with a sincere interest in learning about archetypes as opposed to reducing them to a juvenile parlor game may use the Search feature at this link and look up “Archetype,” “Archetypes,” and related terms.


    Thank you

    1. Maggie Geene Avatar

      Take a breath. This is simply a bit of fun. It isn’t meant to be a dissertation level analysis of Jung’s work. Wow. As if we would think we could find that on a Facebook quiz!

  9. Elwira Blazewicz Avatar

    The Ruler. This is interesting, becouse I dream sometimes about British royal family, like walking and talkin at the seashore with Prince Charles ( kind of my brother – I never had one ) and Queen Elisabeth, as familiar as my Aunty ( I had many of them ).

  10. Charlotte Schwarz Avatar

    Child…what a surprise -.-

  11. Cegie Kemp Avatar

    Care giver must not be taken advantage of.

  12. Cegie Kemp Avatar

    Care giver must not be taken advantage of.

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