Sage, Hero, Lover, Or Trickster? Take This Jungian Archetype Test To Find Your Dominant Personality


Interesting Jungian Archetype Test: Five Personality Types

Are you a lover or a jester? An explorer or a sage? Each of us have one archetype that dominates our personality. Play this Jungian Archetype test to find out your true self!

Archetypes, as introduced by Carl Jung, originate from the collective unconscious. They shape our personality types and influence our behavior.

According to Jung, most individuals are dominated by a specific archetype, which is an inborn tendency inherited from our ancestors.

While he identified four major archetypes, he believed their number was limitless, reflecting the vast depths of the human psyche. Curious to discover your dominant archetype? Take our Jungian archetype quiz and find out!

Which Jungian Archetype Are You? Let’s Find Out

Persona: The persona is the social mask we wear to interact with others, reflecting different roles we play in different contexts.

Shadow: The shadow is the unconscious part of our mind, containing repressed desires, instincts, and conflicts.

Anima/Animus: The anima represents the feminine aspect in a man’s psyche, while the animus represents the masculine aspect in a woman’s psyche. They connect us to the collective unconscious and represent our true selves.

Self: The self is the archetype that represents the integration of all aspects of our personality, uniting our conscious and unconscious selves. It symbolizes wholeness and the process of individuation.

Jungian Archetype Test

Other types of archetypes according to Carl Jung are as follows:

  • The father: Authority figure; stern; powerful.
  • The mother: Nurturing; comforting.
  • The child: Longing for innocence; rebirth; salvation.
  • The wise old man: Guidance; knowledge; wisdom.
  • The hero: Champion; defender; rescuer.
  • The maiden: Innocence; desire; purity.
  • The trickster: Deceiver; liar; trouble-maker.

Do you want to find out your archetype? Take this Jungian archetype personality test to find out!

Let’s play this Jungian Archetype Test To Reveal Your Inner Self

Click Let’s start!

Which Jungian Archetype Are You?

Let us know your results in the comments.

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Jung CG. Structure & Dynamics of the Psyche in The Collected Works of CG Jung. V. 8. Princeton University Press. 1960.
Which Jung Archetype Best Describes You? Quiz
Which Jungian Archetype Are You pin
Which Jungian Archetype Are You quiz pin

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  1. Bonnie Avatar

    OMG, mine is The Klutz. It appears from the above comments I am the only one who got this result. I don’t know how this was calculated from my answers but IT IS SO STINKING ACCURATE! lol! I am, and always have been, such a spaz. I don’t think this qualifies as an archetype, but I think it’s hilarious that I got this!

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