7 Qualities Of A Healthy Relationship

7 Qualities Of A Healthy Relationship: Foundations Of Love

In the world of connections, relationships are like cozy blankets made of feelings and shared moments. Just like caring for a garden, a good relationship needs attention to grow and make you happy. Think of it as a dance where two people move together smoothly, helped by a strong bridge of understanding. Let’s explore the 7 qualities of a healthy relationship.

In this discussion, we’ll explore the seven things that make a relationship strong and happy, like the simple notes in a beautiful tune of love and connection. So, are you ready to explore all the signs you are in a healthy relationship? Come on.

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7 Qualities Of A Healthy Relationship

1. Sometimes you go to bed upset.

This is probably one of the most underrated signs of a healthy relationship.

Morning, they say, has the power of making you see things differently. Your fight will look so much better tomorrow morning no matter how bad it is.

I can personally vouch for this. Sometimes I think that it would be a great idea to follow the famous advice of “never go to bed angry.”

However, this has led to us having even worse fights, where we have shouted and screamed at each other during late night hours. We fall asleep even more upset and totally tired and hate each other more by the time the sun comes up up.

But gradually both of us are realizing that it’s okay to go to bed angry sometimes; we don’t always have to resolve everything “right here, right now”. It is as simple as that. We sleep on it, and when we wake up, we tend to think more clearly when our emotions feel more stable and calm.

7 qualities of a healthy relationship

2. Not being in touch with each other all the time.

I suffer from anxiety, and have been since I was in high school. Naturally, that used to have an impact on my marriage, and how I communicated with my husband. Whenever I used to feel anxious, scratch that, very anxious in fact, I used to constantly call and text my husband.

It would be about very minor and even random things even. And if he did not respond within a few minutes, all sorts of bad things would run through my mind.

However, this has improved with time, and I have realized that I don’t need to be anxious all the time, and I don’t need to be in constant touch with my husband. We share a very healthy relationship, where, there is no compulsion to talk or text. We talk when we need to. As simple as that.

We’re confident enough in one another’s lives that they’ll still exist even if we’re not the priority right now (self-care, friends, careers, hobbies and children might become important). And that is absolutely okay.

3. You ask each other for what you need, instead of expecting that the other person will magically know.

If you’ve ever said any of the following statements, you need to take a moment and listen closely: “If he truly loved me, he would know what I need,” “I shouldn’t have to ask her. She is my wife, she should know,” and “They should know what they did wrong.”

Your partner is not a mind reader. They see the world differently, have different expectations, and have different experiences. It’s your job to communicate your thoughts, needs, and feelings. And yes, sometimes you will have to do this multiple times.

Healthy couples stay away from assumptions, and this is one of the major mindful relationship habits. Instead, you should make it a habit to ask for what you need and at the same time, make space for your partner’s needs (without being resentful) as well. The happiest couples openly talk about their desires and respect and honour their differences.

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4. Happy couples have boundaries with one another.

Again this is one of the most important signs you are in a healthy relationship.

It is rare to find healthy relationships without boundaries. These boundaries set the space between the end of one person and the beginning of another. Healthy couples openly talk about and respect each other’s boundaries as a way to ensure that their needs are being met and to feel safe in their relationship.

These topics might include emotional bounds (how much time to spend together versus apart), physical bounds (physical touch and sex), or digital bounds (how often to check in or what gets posted online about the relationship).

Many people think that having boundaries in your relationship or marriage is abnormal and concerning, but it is one of the best and mindful relationship habits.

7 qualities of a healthy relationship

5. You don’t need to share with each other every little thing.

Want to know one of the subtle signs of a good relationship between husband and wife?

Honesty and being open with your partner are amazing habits to have, however, I don’t think we have to be honest with our partners all the time, do you?

Just because we’re married, that doesn’t mean I need to tell him everything that happens during my day; he can know about things that affect me deeply, but there’s no reason for him to learn about every little thing.

My partner is annoying sometimes, surely he thinks I am too, but I don’t have to let him know or act out of sorts. If you cannot say something nice, it is better not say anything at all.

The person you are dating or are married to isn’t perfect; they will slip up now and then, and it’s not necessary for you to make them suffer for every mistake they make. Handle the small ones on your own time while waiting for the big ones so you can face them together with your partner.

6. Happy couples forgive each other and move on.

This is another one of the major signs of a healthy relationship, and is one of the most mindful relationship habits, in my opinion.

Couples in healthy relationships understand this fact about relationships: it takes forgiveness for them to run smoothly; otherwise they will crash. The ability to genuinely apologize and forgive is important for a peaceful life and a strong bond between two people in love.

An apology isn’t an effort at making things right again but a sincere attempt at solving an issue collectively before moving on from it. When seeking healthy relationships choose happiness over rightness often requiring genuine apologies such as these.

That means not qualifying an apology (“I’m sorry, but…”); instead, owning up to whatever you are apologizing for (“I’m sorry for…”).

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7. Not needing to feel “completed” by your partner.

This is one of the major signs of a good relationship between husband and wife.

While it’s a lovely thing to imagine and feel, it’s quite painful and quite honestly, insulting, to all the happily single people. Your relationship status doesn’t mean you’re an incomplete or complete person. Two whole individuals walking together on the same path define a healthy relationship.

In co-dependent relationships, people tend to feel that only their partner can make them complete, and only they are the source of their happiness. They become enmeshed and over-attached.

Work on yourself as an individual, and choose a partner that works on themselves as an individual. Because, if you rely on others to make you feel happy and worthy, you will never be happy, and it’s not fair to put that burden on your partner too.

7 qualities of a healthy relationship

So, these are the 7 qualities of a healthy relationship. If you relate to these signs of a healthy relationship, and mindful relationship habits, then you are fortunate to have each other. Make sure you hold onto each other tight and never let each other go!

signs of a good relationship between husband and wife

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