3 Psychological Secrets to Bringing Back Love In A Relationship

Psychological Secrets to Bringing Back Love In A Relationship

Are you in a relationship where you feel the love is somehow gone? You will be happy to know that bringing back love in a relationship is indeed possible.

The beginning of a relationship is often described as the “honeymoon period” for a reason – it’s an amazing time! But eventually, as many of us know all too well, the relationship starts to get boring. Your partner starts annoying you and you feel they don’t listen to you anymore. So, what went wrong?

Here’s a little known point that will allow you to not only understand this problem more clearly but also with a little work – fix it for you.

It has to do with feelings vs thinking.

To make a relationship work, and to make someone love you (and stay in love with you) many people do not realize it’s not feelings that matter so much anymore …as the mistakes in their thinking.

What do I mean?

Simply, one of the biggest mistakes in relationships is thinking you know what your partner is thinking.

We are not mind-readers, but that does not stop us from trying. Let’s look at a few examples: “She won’t call me back” must mean “She doesn’t love me” “He didn’t do the dishes” must mean “He’s mad at me”.

The reality, however, is that people do things for many different reasons that we are unaware of. When we try to mind read someones else behavior however, the human mind usually thinks of a negative reason for that behavior, which typically is not true.

Unfortunately, this is the root of many problems in relationships. In our minds, small mistakes become glaring incorrect signs that someone doesn’t love us. And when we think someone doesn’t love us, we tend not to love them back as much. And so love slowly fades from the relationship.

If you can remedy this problem, however, you can not only stop this problem dead in its tracks but begin the road to making your partner fall in love with you again by restoring the love you once felt for each other when you first started dating.

Here are 3 errors in your thinking right now you need to fix:

3 Psychological Secrets to Bringing Back Love In A Relationship

1. Unspoken Rules:

Psychologists, philosophers, and sociologists agree that people – as a whole – tend to have unspoken rules about lots of different things. For example, if you wanted to invite friend A to a party and not friend B, you wouldn’t invite friend A in front of friend B …but would wait until you got friend A alone. Guess what, there is no written rule to do this but we would all do it anyway. This is an unwritten rule. It is natural for unspoken rules like this to be included in our relationships.

For example, someone might create ideals for how their partner should behave. They think the relationship should run in a certain way, but their partner might think differently! And if you don’t talk to each other and tell them what your expectations are – love can slowly fade over time. It’s a silent killer. Right now, if there is a certain way you expect your partner to behave – tell them. And ask them to tell you any unspoken rules they have. No one is a mind reader, so do not try to act like one!

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2. Your Perception VS Their Behavior:

Psychologist Aaron Be-Zeev states that “We often love the idealized object rather than the real one”. This statement is particularly true in the beginning stages of a relationship but eventually fades. For example, you used to love how “free-spirited” they were but now you think they are just “lazy”.

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    Neither partner feels like they have to try. They don’t look at their relationship as dating anymore since they got the person. Never stop dating. You have to be willing to grow together and individually.

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