16 Research-Based Psychological Hacks for Your Social Life

Psychological Hacks Social Life

(12) If you want a certain thing, always ask for more, never less, or that specific amount.

certain thing always ask for more
16 Research-Based Psychological Hacks for Your Social Life

Human beings love to bargain, and even if they can easily afford the price quoted, they will still try to save money and get it for less. It’s also not possible to give 100 out of 100 always. Suppose you need 80. If you ask for 80, you will get less than 80.

If you ask for 100, you might get 80 or even more. Set your targets higher than you want or expect. This will help you achieve what you want.

(13) Slightly nod when someone is talking to you.

Slightly nod someone talking
16 Research-Based Psychological Hacks for Your Social Life

This is again one of the most important psychological hacks for your social life. When you are speaking to someone, make it a point to nod once in a while to indicate that you are following the conversation, and you are invested in it. This will make the other person feel seen and heard, and they will end up having a positive impression about you. However, keep in mind that there is a very thin line between being understated, and simply annoying.

(14) Express acknowledgment whenever you come across something good.

Express acknowledgment
16 Research-Based Psychological Hacks for Your Social Life

One of the best ways of interacting with people is by acknowledging them. Always acknowledge their help, goodness, and talent. Your acknowledgment will always be reciprocated.

When you acknowledge someone and their efforts, it works towards building a positive image of you, and there are strong chances that they will end up helping you with whatever you might need in the future.

(15) Avoid constant appreciation.

Avoid constant appreciation
16 Research-Based Psychological Hacks for Your Social Life

Constant validation sometimes does more harm than good when it comes to having results. When you reward someone for every little thing they do, they will tend to become more overconfident and complacent, bordering on spoilt. Rewarding something should only be treated as a “sometimes” option, not an “every time” option.

If you give in to praising them all the time, they will stop putting in effort after a point and will be satisfied with half-hearted and mediocre efforts. Once in a while, when you make them feel that they can do better, they will put in more effort, and the results will also be much better.

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(16) Pretend you are happy.

Pretend you are happy
16 Research-Based Psychological Hacks for Your Social Life

When you feel down or depressed, smile. Smile even when you are extremely unhappy, no matter how tough it is. This will trick your brain into thinking that it’s happy, and is similar to the chewing gum logic. You tend to feel uncomfortable when actions don’t match your thoughts, and that is the basic premise of cognitive dissonance.

That is why when you smile, your brain thinks you are genuinely happy. Fake your happiness till the time you are actually, and truly happy.

It’s important to keep these things in mind. These psychological hacks can be amazing for your social life and will make you stronger and you will see that a lot of problems are solved too. Good luck.

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16 Research-Based Psychological Hacks for Your Social Life

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