Let Me Prove That Chivalry Isn’t Dead Yet

There are over 7.5 billion of people in the world and your goal is to find the one guy who’s going to love you and take care of you as his only Queen. In this era, where some relationships only last overnight, or end with just a tap of a finger, I understand your doubts of whether you will find love.

You’re worried that you might not find the man who will stay by your side until you draw your last breath. I recognize your fear of putting yourself out there, only to end up going home empty-handed and shattered into pieces. I can feel your mind settling under the thought that you’re better off alone.

But I am here to tell you that a guy like me, who’s loyal, warmhearted, protective, and a gentleman still exists.

And although I can’t promise you a love that comes in a white horse and carriage, I can show you that a modern chivalry isn’t dead. Darling, you can be the only sun I orbit around, if you let me. With me, I can make you always feel like a woman, I promise you I will.

Instead of standing outside your windows with a boom box in both of my hands, I can be original and surprise you with a playlist of current love songs in a room full of Christmas lights with a candle-lit dinner waiting for us. I can spend the night just to hear you talk and be amazed by your intelligence on any heavy topics that come out of your lips, and won’t feel intimidated by your opinions and comments.

I am going to be the guy who offers small gestures so I can make you feel special, like simple act of opening a car door, or a holding the door in a cafe and letting you go out first, or carrying your grocery items, or putting my hand behind your back as you cross the street, or offering you my jacket when you suddenly feel cold in that cocktail dress.

I am more than willing to do all these because I know that in my tiny ways of showing you my affection, they can make a difference in your big heart.

When you need someone to talk to about anything that bothers you, or any thoughts that consume your mind, I am one dial away. I can drive to your home or wherever you are if you need a shoulder to lean on. I am the guy who cares: be it about the world or political issues, or your gloomy feelings that come out of nowhere. I can lend you my ears if no one seems to listen to you, my perspective if your world is going upside down, or my presence if you suddenly feel insecure and need someone to make you feel safe.

You will never be a secret affair. I am too mature to love anyone in the dark or behind the shadows. I will invite you to birthday dinners with my parents and introduce you to them. I will be the guy who changes his Facebook relationship status so any girls who check my profile will know that I’m no longer available, but only yours. I will drape my arm on your shoulder when we walk on the parks or malls and always look proud that you’re my girl.

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Written by Angelo Caerlang

Angelo is a 22 year old millennial who's always thankful everyday that he is given a chance to write. He relates his life lessons through his writing in hopes to reach people and connect with them. He believes that regardless of our differences in culture, language, and religion -- we all have common denominator when it comes to emotions. It is his goal to make us all feel as if we're all one in this vast universe.

Class Valedictorian of 2010

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